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Title: Sub exposed online
ID: 473       Posted on: 29-Jul-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: M
I'm 45 y o sub slave looking for Master exposed me in cam pics video online. I'm kind sub and small. Want you learn me to be exposed ?Thanks

Title: Want be exposed x all world
ID: 472       Posted on: 27-Jul-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: Other
I'm a kind small sub 45 years old , Looking x master who learn me to expose in video, all internet or pics x reblog. I think I'm ugly slave, but I have to learn to be exposed in real public performances or in private homes . Dear Masters are you can help me? THANKS!

Title: young slave seeking Mistress
ID: 471       Posted on: 13-Jul-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: F
Seeking a dominate and superior woman in the long island or nyc area. Im a bit of a beginner but im very eager to serve and to be a slave to a superior woman in real time. I am 22 years old and have been very interested in this lifestyle for a few years. I consider myself a very serious player, and i wish to be molded to a mistresses exact liking.

Title: uk toiletslave looking for female owner cambridge area
ID: 470       Posted on: 25-Jun-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: F
all my adult life i have fantasized about being a womans toilet and her slave im not sure if this is possable as i have never met anyone who wanted to use me as a toilet i am 57 slim single i think its time i lived my fantasy is anyone interested so may i ask if there is anyone out there who would like to use me as there toilet please get in touch i am very willing to travel or accomadate for the right person

Title: I need Sub Sex Partner
ID: 469       Posted on: 23-Jun-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Couple    Looking for: F
My name is John Hairston,am looking for a Sub sex partner. Email me: Text me: (269)203-3233 Thanks.

Title: young puppy girl looking for online owner
ID: 465       Posted on: 22-Jun-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Female    Looking for: M
I am 16 looking for someone to be my pet owner. we can meet in really life in 2 years when I am in collage if you are in the west PA area near Greensburg.

Title: Spanking!
ID: 464       Posted on: 28-Apr-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Couple    Looking for: Other

ID: 463       Posted on: 05-Apr-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Female    Looking for: M
Join Domestic Discipline Dating/Networking website and meet others into DD! Princess x

Title: BlkDom4real
ID: 461       Posted on: 29-Mar-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: F
Hi..I am a single forty year old, black man living in South Florida. I enjoy all aspects of spanking... roleplay and real life discipline are my favourites though. Happy to chat to any women who are curious but nervous...Maybe we can even start you on your journey. Am safe.. sane and normal. Just have this little thing about spanking naughty girls bare bottoms. Lots of experience and easy to get along with. Relaxed and charming on first meeting, you may find I also have a quiet authoritative air. You might also find me highly imaginative with a keen sense of awareness. I have a particular fascination with the psychology of discipline. looking for an obedient sub who is fit enough and ready to submit to her King! Are you interested? If you are then please drop me a line or two...

Title: $$$ submissive male seeks a Dom F
ID: 460       Posted on: 24-Mar-2015       Reply to:
Gender: Male    Looking for: F
Very wealthy wm 61 live in xalfornia worth 3 million dollars looking for a Goddes to live with me have a 4 bedroom house also can be a cockold husband please be real chuck.

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