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Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the moon
one of the best albums ever!
The Doors-The Complete collection
the darkest Rock band ever
Emerson Lake & Palmer-Best Of
Keyboards, drums and Voice. What a combo
Pink Floyd-Animals
the forgotten PF album
Wish You Were Here - by Pink Floyd
Shine on your crazy diamond.
Symphonic Music Of Yes - by YES
Yes, with the London Symphony
Best of - By Iron Butterfly
Play In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida over and over and...
The Best Of Vanilla Fudge
real Psychedelic sound
Deepest Purple-The best of Deep Purple
Underated, but not here. Superb group
The Best of-by Blue Oyster Cult
Fear the REAPER
The Best Of Jefferson
Were huge at their time
Led Zeppelin [BOX SET]
Get them all. The Gods to many
Best of James Gang
A Great Joe Walsh group. Listen to the Bolero
The Best Of- Jeff beck
Could be 2nd best guitarist ever
Experience Jimi Hendrix
levels unreached even today
Hot Rocks 1964-1971 by Rolling stones
Awesome early stuff
The Byrds - Greatest Hits
first 12 string guitar. Awesome ballads
The 20 Greatest- By CCR
Unmatched vocals in Rock-n-roll
Greatest Hits- By nazareth
Great power vocals and lyrics
Best Of Uriah Heep
Underated group. Listen to july morning
best of Santana
Great guitar, never duplicated
The Concise King Crimson
Pink Floyd took their thunder away
The Very Best Of Cream
My favorite 3 piece band