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The Higher Octave Collection
A good variety of artists; Otmart Liebert, Cusco, etc.
Guitar Greats: Flamenco
Armik, Strunz/Farah, Lara/Reyes, etc
Gypsy Passion
Another great album
Gypsy Fire
one of my favorites
Obsession - New Flamenco
Oscar Lopez, Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert, etc
Gypsy Soul
Strunz/farah, Jesse Cook, Slash, etc
Guitarisma: The Charisma, Passion & Romance Of The Guita
Ottmar Liebert, Neal Schon, etc
Guitarisma: The Charisma/Passion & Romance Of The Guitar 2
Lara/Reyes, Ottmart Libert, Buckethead, etc
Narada-smooth Jazz
Oscar Lopez, David Lanz, Doug Cameron etc
Narada Guitar: 15 Years Of Collected Works
Oscar Lopez, Billy McLaughlin, etc
Master of Flamenco Guitar
mix of old and new performers
Higher Octave - By various
Ottmar Liebert, Cusco, Himekami
Higher Octave 2 - By various
Shahin/Sepehr, 3rd Force, Neal Schon
Higher Octave Evolution - By various
Ottmart Liebert, Cusco, Acoustic Highway