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Bauhaus: Crackle-The Best of
Excellent album. Bela Lugosi rules
Peter Murphy: Wild Birds: 1985-1995
Ex Singer of Bauhaus
The Cure: Galore-The Singles 198
Everyone's favorite goth band
Depeche Mode: The Singles
Great german industrial sound
Christian Death: Best Of
has a large following for a reason
The Smiths: the Singles
Morisey has one of the best voices!
Serpentine Gallery- By Switchblade Symphony
Switch group? BDSM?
The Discouraged one - By Katatonia
Reminds people of the Cure and Type o Negative
Velvet Darkness They Fear- by Theatre Of Tragedy
Good stuff. Harsh male vocals countered with a female soprano.
Pure Cult- By the CUlt
First Gothic/Industrial band. Great Vocalist
Fragile- By Nine Inch Nails
Double CD. Industrial performer who crossed over to mainstream
The Downward Spiral- By Nine Inch Nails
Angry lyrics, but not a bad CD
A mind is a terrible thing to waste- by Ministry
One of the first successful Goth bands
Rarities 1994-98 - by Scorn
Unique Ambient gothic sound.
Anamnesis: by Scorn
Awesome gothic ambient sounds