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Goth Box [BOX SET]
a few good selections
Gothic Club Classics
Featuring: Type O Negative, Bauhaus, etc
The Black Bible
Featuring: Delerium, Gary Numan, Ministry, etc
Bride Of Darkness
Dark album: Gene loves Jezebel, The Cursed, etc
Chemical Warfare
Unknown groups to most, but very loud and dark
Vampire Rituals
Nosferatu, Demonic Prophecy, Transylvania 1847, etc
The Unquiet Grave 2000
I like this one.
I like this one.
Gothic Rock 2: '80s In
2 cd's. Bauhaus, Christian Dead, etc
Gothic Legends
Excellent album here.
Dark Pleasures: The Goth
Another winner I recommend
A Goth tribute to THE DOORS
Doors music by Goth bands
Goth Tribute to U2
U2 music by Goth bands
Goth Tribute to Metallica
Metallica music by Goth bands
Goth-Tribute to The Cure
Cure music by Goth bands
Reconstructing the R.E.M
R.E.M music by Goth bands
Gothic Erotica
5 Cd's of Goth music. How can you go wrong.
Gothic Divas
Goth Divas. Powerful performers
Gothic-Industrial: The Remixed Collection
Remixes of some great music
Dracula: King of Vampires
Various artist present this good album
Saints and Sourcerers: Vol 3
Dark and darker
Goth Tribute to "Dead Can Dance"
Dead can dance busic by Goth bands
Darkest Hour
Gothic remakes of psychedelic era music.