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Awesome album. Be aware it's live
Alice in Chains: best of
the Darkest metal lyrics
Nirvana: nevermind
Their first album changed music
Rob Zombie Hellbilly deluxe
what a cover
Black Sabbath We Sold Our Souls
Could be the darkest album you'll hear
Soundgarden -Best of
Excellent group
Marilyn Manson - mechanical animals
Strange, but great
Reinventing The Steel - by Pantera
Powerful sound
Title Of Record - by Filter
Another Powerful band
Dookie - by Green Day
great 3 piece band
Issues - by Korn
Hardcore stuff
Aenima - by Tool
Very hardcore sound
Blood Sugar Sex Magik - by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Erotic group
Ten - by pearl jam
Often duplicated group
Limp Bizkit
Today's hard-core whiteman rap
Origin of The Feces-By Type O Negative
Powerful Stuff
Antichrist Superstar ~ Marilyn Manson
The strangest performer today
Kiss -Double Platinum
Revolutionary performers
Collective Soul greatest hits
A few great singles