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Rabih Abou-Khalil:
Arabic base while flowing freely as the best Jazz can do.
Call Of The Valley
Various artists: Compilation of Indian-Pakistani music
Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Dance Into Eternity
spiritual music.
Hossam Ramzy-Sabla Tolo: Journeys I
Excellent Middle Eastern drums.
Roots And Wings - By Sheila Chandra
What a voice.
Best Of Bellydance
Great bellydance music
The art of Bellydance - by George Abdo
Great bellydance music
Joy of Belly Dancing - by George Abdo
More belly dance music
Magic Of Belly Dancing - By George Abdo
Belly dancing strikes again
In The Garden Of Souls - By Vas
An enchanting voice
Divine Rites - By Vox
Another album, by One of the great voices
From Spain To Spain - By Vox
Yet another, by One of the great voices
From Spain To Spain - By Vox
Yet another, by One of the great voices
Excellent live album. Lucky Audience
Niya Yesh BY Axiom of Choice
Persian Middle Eastern music
Halim-By Nathasha Atlas
Captivating Egyptian sound.
Remix Collection-By Nathasha Atlas
Middle Eastern/North African sounds. Awesome!
Devotion: By Rasa
Awesome New Age Middle Eastern female singer
Anokha sounds of the Asian undeground
Indian culture meets western techno
Offerings: By Vas
Simply an enchanting Indian female voice
In the Garden of Souls: by Vas
Mystical Indian voice and music