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New Music For Zen Meditation
Great Meditation music
Spirit Of The Tao Te Ching ~ Richard Warner
Suiting stuff
Theta Meditation music- by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Excellent meditation album
Brainwave Journey- by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Brain Wave music
Tibetan Chakra Meditatation Music
Asian Meditation
Chants To Awaken The Buddhist Heart ~ Lama Surya Das, Steven Halpern
Light that incense
Chakra Chants ~ Jonathan Goldman
Middle Eastern Meditation
World Meditation: Compilations from different counries
Meditation sounds from around the world
Yoga Music Of The Heart
Wai Lana's & Siddha Yoga
Yoga Zone: Various artists
Featuring: Ravi Shankar, Yanni, etc
Spiritual High ~ Various Artists
Great stuff for yoga classes
Enhancing Massage by Steven Halpern
Great music for massages
Effortless Relaxation ~ Steven Halpern
More music for massages
Mozart for Massage ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart music for massages
Cello - By David Darling
Excellent music for relaxation
Best of Riley Lee
Awesome new age Flute
Tantric Songs: by Popol Vuh
Sit back and enjoy this tantric music
The essential Fripp & Eno
2 of the best known ambient sounds musicians
Lifeforms: by Future Sounds of London
Awesome Ambient meditation music
Selected Ambient Works, Vol II
terrific meditation sounds
Sound Mind Sound Body: By Rafael Toral
Excellent music to meditate too