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Scene Music: NEW AGE

Enigma-The Cross Of Changes
Everything in New Age Music starts with them.
Enigma-MCMXC A.D.
Another must have for the library
Enigma 3
Enigma work from 1996
Enigma-Screen Behind the Mirror
New 2000 Enigma work
B-Tribe Suave Suave
Flamenco meets New Age 1995. One of our favorites
B-Tribe Sensual Sensual
Excellent album
B-Tribe Fiesta Fatal
B-Tribe rules
Popular performers. Sarah McLachlan sings on 1 song.
Circue Du Soleil-Nouvelle Experience
Awesome stuff here
Circue Du Soleil-Cirque Du Soleil
More good stuff here
Benadictine Monks- Chant
Monks chanting
Benedictine Monks- Gregorian Chants
More Monk chanting
Hanshan Temple- by Buddhism Chanting Group
Tibetan Buddhist chanting
The Journey: The Best of - by Adiemus
Popular performers
Kitaro Volume 2
Amazing syntesizers
Kitaro Best of 10 years
Amazing syntesizers
Vangelis - Best of
His music is overpowering
Vangelis - Musical themes
Scores include Blade Runner
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
The Exorcist made him famous.
Mike Oldfield - Songs of earth
More magical stuff.
Tangerine Dream - The Best Of
Their great work shows off.
The Reality Of A Dream - By Mythos
Another popular performer.
Electronic Realization - By Synergy
Very good stuff.
Sequencer - By Synergy
More of this good stuff.
Jean Michel Jarre - Best of
Simply awesome.
Oceania - Oceania
the first international release of Maori music
Clannad: Greatest Hits
Enya & Maire Brennan came from this group
Aral: by Catherine Lara
New Age violinist.
Passage in time-: by Dead Can Dance
Well known for a reason
Into The Labyrinth: by Dead Can Dance
Another winner by a great group
Audio: by Blue Man Group
Strange performers, but good Synthesizer music
Era: By Era
A lesser version of B-tribe.
Yanni: Live At The Acropolis
Don't hold Linda Evans against him
John Tesh: Greatest hits
Connie Seneca next to him each night. Purrrr
Kenny G:Classics: The Key Of G
tribute to others classics
Kenny G: Breathless '93
This album made him famous
Silent Enigma- By Anathema
Great link between their old and new material
Devotion- by Rasa
Muse like vocals
Midnight Moon by Steve Roach
A spiritual album by a great performer
Mirage Of The East - By Sorma
Middle Eastern, Mongolian, arabic influence music
Bali- by Jalan Jalan
Asian new age; awesome stuff
Heart Of World-by Youngblood
Native American Flute and great vocals
Tibet - By Paul Horn
Indian Influenced New Age
Land of Forever - By 2002
Peaceful mood setting CD
Songs from Secret Garden
Very inspirational performers
State of grace- by Paul Schwartz
Great compositions by this Producer
Essential Andreas Vollenweider
Twenty-years of harpist Andreas Wollenweider
Sorcerer- By Michael Stearns, Ron Sunsinger
Pioneering ambient artists
Time on Earth - By Ron Clearfield
Terrific New age Violinist
U.F. Off: The Best Of The Orb
British ambient-dance group's first 10 years
The Best Of Strange Cargo- by William Orbit
Unique Ambient new Age sound.
Sowiesoso- by Cluster
Mind bending Ambient sound.
Carmine Meo- By Emma Shapplin
Opera meets New Age. Superstar at making
Pharoah-Sounds of Mystery
Egyptian music by Mystic Sound Orchestra (keyboard formerly of Yanni)
Best of Riley Lee
Awesome new age Flute
Behind the Light-Monica Ramos
Guitar, vocals, & ambient sound textures by a terrific performer
Phobos- By Phobos
What a great album. Middle Eastern ambient sounds
2001, by Brainscapes
Excellent ambient sounds mixed with chants
Enarmoured, by Bella Sonus
This album has it all-Deep groves, flamenco guitars, upbeat dance.
9 songs of Ecstasy, by Pilgrimage 
Opera like vocals meets new Age sound. Wow.
Enigmas Greatest Hits
The Legends bring you their greatest hits
Jalan Jalan
Haunting Asian New Age music
Across ocean of dreams: by 2002
Will put you into a relaxed mood
Dreamtime return: By Steve Roach
Synthesizer Australian aboriginal tribute music
Chorus of tribes: By Chorus of tribes
if you like enigma, you'll like them