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Pure Moods III
2001 Pure Moods. Excellent selection
Pure Moods II
Excellent stuff on this one
Pure Moods I
The first Pure Moods. Listen to it again and again
Celtic Moods
Celtic music at it's best
Instrumental Moods
Neil Schon, Eric Johnson, Enigma, Cusco. etc
Celtic Twilight 1
Featuring: Loreena McKennitt, Bill Douglas, etc
Celtic Twilight 2
More great Celtic sounds
Celtic Twilight 4
Excellent choice here w/Carlos Nunez, Steve McDonald, etc
Celtic Twilight 5
Featuring: Danna, Bill Douglas, etc
Brave heart-new Scots Music
A collection of Scottish and Scottish-inflected music
Heart of Celts
The music really draws you in.
Celtic Voices: Women of Song
4 wonderful performers, singing in english and gaelic.
Music for the Spirit
Great! Featuring: Kitaro, Celestial, Asiabeat, etc
Music for the Spirit 2
Featuring: Benedetti/Svoboda, Luis Villegas, Kitaro.
Featuring: Afro Celt Sound System, Miriam Stockley, etc
Elevations 2
Featuring: Primal Instinct, Ah-Kin, etc.
Elevations 3
Featuring: Moby, Soma Soni, Pilgrimage, etc.
Spiritual High:
Excellent music for the soul and mind
Earthone Colection 2
Excellent music: Primal Instinct, Christopher Franke, etc
Faire Celts: A Woman's Voice
Sinead O'connor, Connie Dover, Karen Matheso, etc
Cousteau's Dream
Tribute to Jaque Cousteu- with ocean music
Celtic Journey - By Various
Great Celtic music compilation
Celtic Moods - By Various
Clannad, The Edge/Sinead O'Connor, Loreena McKennitt
Bliss - By Various
Peter Gabriel, Sheila Chandra, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Trance planet 5 - By Various
Indian Influenced New Age
Trance planet 3 - By Various
New Age techno sounds
Trance Planet 2 - By Various
More good trance stuff
Spirits of the World - By Various
Ikarus, Dead Can Dance, Krishna Das, Celtic Spirit
New Visions: World Rhythms
Marvelous Indian Influenced New Age album
Music for the Spirit 2
Relaxing, Incl: Kitaro, Benedetti, etc.
Synthesizer Spectacular
Syntesizer music with Oldfield, Jan Hammer, etc
Chilled Spirits
Contains: Enigma, Moby, Orbital, etc.