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Prodigy - Fat of the land
One of the best techno albums ever
Lords Of Acid - lust
favorite of many
Fatboy Slim- You've come a Long way
Great techno mixes
Orbital - OrbitalII
Funky Techno sounds
Vegas: by Crystal Method
Very good techno group. Nice funky mix
Dubnobasswithmyheadma- By Underworld
Very good techno group. Nice funky mix
Second Toughest In The Infants- By Underworld
Very good techno group.
Leftism - By Leftfield
It's on the list for a reason. Terrific mixes.
ISDN- By Future Sound of London 
Another powerful techno group. Darker then most
EP7- by Autechre
this will get you moving
brace yourself- by Mu-Ziq
Techno Baby-here I come
Beyond the Infinite- by Juno Reactor
Power and then some. Very good mixes
Dig Your own Hole- By Chemical Brothers
Awesome techno album
In-Sides- Orbital
What a Techno album should be
Exit Planet Dust-By Chemical Brothers
another terrific album by an awesome techno group
Making Bones- Red Snapper
Funk Techno album. Very good stuff
Best of Junior Vasquez
Well known DJ presents his 1995 album
Nervous Breakdown-By Junior Vasquez
JR's newest good stuff.
tranceport: by Paul Okenfold
Techno trance at it's best
Politics of dancing: by Paul Van Dyk
Terrific Trance/techno sounds featuring a legend
Conquers your love: by Praga Khan
Awesome techno beats
1000 fires: by Tracy Lords
The Famed Tracy Lords brings you Sexy techno
Techomancer 3: Techmancer series
Terrific techno beats
Techomancer 4: Techmancer series
Terrific techno beats
Essential mix: by pete Tong
Excellent mix of Club music
Transport 4: By DJ Max Graham
Awesome techo dance beats
Global Undeground: by Deep Dish
You''ll hop to this techo beats
renaissance: by Dave Seaman
More good techno beats
Discovery: by Daft Punk
France DJ's bring terrific techno beats
Cream: by Sandra Collins
Master techno DJ
Ministry of Sound: Ibiza (Varies)
Great Techno compilation
Ministry of Sound: Trance (Varies)
Great Techno compilation
United States of Trance: by Cristopher Lawrence
One of USA's best techno DJ's
Temptation: by Cristopher Lawrence
Awesome techno sounds
Voyage into trance: by Paul Oakenfold
You can't go wrong with this techno
Global Underground: by John Digweed
You'll move to this techno from the first tune
Global Underground: by Nick Warren
More good techo mixes
Global Underground: by Danny Tenaglia
Excellent techno DJ
Dark Drums: by Steve Lawler
Another terrific techno DJ