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BDSM Organizations:

Whisperings New Zealand BDSM Resources
New Zealand fetish resource guide
Apexnz | Auckland Power Exchange - New Zealand
Auckland support group
Uhncommon Bonds
Christchurch. Pansexual BDSM group
#NZBDSM Enter Here
Auckland. BDSM support group
"TES - The Endorphin Socity, Wellington"
Wellington Group
Auckland BDSM group
tes**E-mail list
New Zealand "The Endorphin Society" forum
BDSM_NZ**E-mail list
New Zealand forum
Auckland_bdsm**E-mail list
Auckland forum
SpankingNewZealand**E-mail List
New Zealand spanking forum
New Zealand resources
New Zealand BDSM resources
Hellfire Club
BDSM Club situated in Brisbane
NZ resources
NZ wide resources