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The REAL Gothic FAQ
Goth website
FAQ Goth
Goth website
Gothic America
Goth directory of clubs
Gothic International
Goth worldwide directory of clubs mail lists
Vampire mailing lists
Endless Night production
NYC Vampire scene guide
industrial culture for freaks, pics of beautiful, sexy goths
New Orleans Gothic
N.O. Goth Club info - Goth scenes
Worlwide goth/industrial info Music
Goth/industrial music recomendations Part 3
Route 666
Gothic search engine
Horror website
Blood Fetish
Another Gothic search engine
Goth primer
Explains the goth scene
Toronto Goth
Toronto Gothic scene
Goth site
A History of Goth
Explains the History of Goth
Portland Industrial Gothic
Literaly Gothic
Gothic literature
Gothic website with links
Anne Rice Links
Vampire fame author
Vampire terminology
Vampire terminology
Real Vampire Websites
Links to vampire websites
ABout Vampires
Site on vampires
Vampire Hunters
Site on vampire hunters
Buffy the Vampire Search Engine
More of Buffy then you can handle
Examining the Vampire
Essay on Vampires
IRC Vampire FAQ
IRC Vampire FAQ
The Vampire Chronicles
Essay on the Vampire Chronicles
Demonic Shrine to the Vampire Chronicles
Demonic Shrine to the Vampire Chronicles
Vampires: Painting the Town Red
NY Times article on the Vampire Scene
World of Darkness Terminoloy
Vampire terminology from World of Darkness
Christian Diablo
Vampire site with links
Real Vampires
Different Type of Vampires
Vampire Essays
collection o Vampire essays
Dracula Society
Dracula Society in UK
The Real Prince Dracula
Essay on History of Vlad the Impaler
Vampyre ConneXion
Vampire Society in UK
Dracula's Home Page
Vampire site
Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula Biography
History of Dracula
Yahoo! Groups : goth
Goth music forum
Yahoo! Groups : GothicWest
Vancouver/Seattle Goth forum
A Goth forum for anyone living in the Michiana area.
Forum about Vampires, Anne Rice, Goth, etc
Mean_People_Suck @yahoogroups
Goth forum
Gothic Freaks and vampires forum
LA Goth forum
Gothic_void @yahoogroups
Goth forum
NYC gothic, fetish, underground and alternative club scene
Goth/Industrial forum
Boston_Goth @yahoogroups
Boston area Goth/Industrial forum
Make up tips goth forum
goth @YahooGroups
Gothic/industrial music/scene forum
van-goth @YahooGroups
Vancouver Gothic/industrial forum
Goth-Industrial_NY-NJ @YahooGroups
NY/NJ Gothic/industrial forum
toronto-goth @YahooGroups
Toronto Gothic/industrial forum
A-Goth-Cliche @YahooGroups
Gothic/industrial forum
SC-Goth @YahooGroups
Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Gothic/industrial forum
Toronto Gothic/industrial forum
aloha-goth_industrial @YahooGroups
Hawaii Gothic/industrial forum
Arkansas Gothic/industrial forum
NYC Goth-Industrial-EBM Outings forum
toronto-goth-updates @YahooGroups
torontoGothic/industrial forum
NYC/NJ Gothic/industrial forum
Arizona Gothic/industrial forum
Bisexual Gothic/industrial forum
-TechnoWorld @YahooGroups
Tecnho music Gothic/industrial forum
wnygoth @YahooGroups
Western NY Gothic/industrial forum
wyogoth @YahooGroups
Wyoming Gothic/industrial forum
Atlanta Gothic/industrial forum
utahgoth @YahooGroups
Utah Gothic/industrial forum
gothfashion @YahooGroups
Gothic/industrial fashion forum
dgl-events @YahooGroups
Dallas Gothic/industrialforum
Virginia Gothic/industrialforum
MD-VA-DC-Goths @YahooGroups
Maryland/Virginia Gothic/industrialforum
nhgoth @YahooGroups
New Hampshire Gothic/industrialforum
Philadelphia Gothic/industrial forum
blackplanet @YahooGroups
Chicago Gothic/industrial forum
tainted @YahooGroups
Midland Area Gothic/industrial forum
Dark-Entries-Events @YahooGroups
Toronto Gothic/industrial events forum
30PlusGoths @YahooGroups
Gothic/industrial forum for those 30yr+
Gothic-Australia @YahooGroups
Australian Gothic/industrial forum
SanctuarySF @YahooGroups
San Francisco Gothic night club forum
Dallas Gothic/industrial forum
boston-goths @YahooGroups
Boston Gothic/industrial forum
straygoth @YahooGroups
NYC Gothic/industrial forum
gothsourceuk @YahooGroups
UK Gothic/industrial forum
Budget Gothic/industrial tips forum
gothicbamatenn @YahooGroups
Alabama/Tennessee Gothic/industrial tips forum
BrumGoth @YahooGroups
Birmingham Gothic/industrial forum
torontogoth-events @YahooGroups
Toronto Gothic/industrial events forum
Snandanavian Gothic/industrial forum
DarkEgypt @YahooGroups
Egyptian Goth history/archeology forum
BlackVeil @YahooGroups
UK Goth/Industrial forum
bamagoth @YahooGroups
Alabama Goth/Industrial forum
goths-brisbane @YahooGroups
Brisbane Goth/Industrial forum
nycindustrial @YahooGroups
NYC Goth/Industrial forum
capela_dos_murmurios @YahooGroups
Portuguese Goth/Industrial forum
gothic_lifestyle @YahooGroups
Goth/Industrial forum
Michigan Gothis/Industrial forum
GothsofColor @YahooGroups
Gothic/Industrial forum for people of color
GUPlist-gothic+industrial information focusing on CD imports and events
FloridaCoven**E-mail list
Florida Gothic/Industrial forum
CTnetgoths_Version2**E-mail list
CT Gothic/Industrial forum
NYC Gothic/Industrial music events forum
SanDiegoGoth-IndustrialWomen @Yahoogroups
San Diego Gothic/Industrial female forum
NewOrleansGoth @Yahoogroups
New Orleans Gothic/Industrial forum
GothiqueDetroit @Yahoogroups
Detroit Gothic/Industrial forum
Gothic Shopping, Photos and other stuff
Gothic Shopping, Photos and lots of links
Goth clubs worldwide
Real Vampire Directory
Vampire/Goth Directory
Beginners Guide to Goth Music
Beginners Guide to Goth Music
A Beginner's Guide to Goth Music
Links to other sites
Goth music description
Links to all goth music and bands
Vampire Links
100 links to vampire sites
Realm of Vampire
Links to vampire sites
Gothic links
Goth links
Literally Gothic
Goth literature links
Dark music Events info for the East coast
Vampires and Media
Article on How Media treats vampires
Info on bloodletting
Who was Bram Stoker?
Info on author of Dracula
Goth for Dummies
Goth website.