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BDSM Resources: HUMOR

The BDSM circle
BDSM humor with pics
Purity Test
Fetish purity test
Tasteless Jokes
Tasteless jokes
Humor Categories
Links to jokes
red neck jokes
red neck jokes
Yo' mama Jokes
Yo mama jokes
Pages2send funnies
Pics making fun of everything
Chinese menu
Chinese menu funny
#1 Fun Source
Excellent humor site
Sport Jokes
Sport jokes
Application for a cyber dom
Funny site
Negotiation no-no's
Some things not to do
See what masturbation will do to ya
The cat in dah Hood
A BDSM poem
What The Hell are they talking about?
BDSM funny dictionary
lots of jokes
Bad Hoarse page
Role play humor
Alkalah's Humor
See humor on top
The Dialectizer
translates your words into slangs
Funny Sex Laws
These belong here if they are real
Funny fake websites
The hungry site
Funny fake website
Parody of
CHristopher's Parodies
Parody on different topics
CHristopher's Parodies
Parody on different topics
What the
Funny items that appeared on eBay
Another eBay parody
The Cow
Very funny movie and song parody
Flame warriors
This describes people who flame on e-mail forum
Priceless Spoofs
Funny commercials
DirtyJokes & Funny links
Jokes plus links
He's The Man
funny song
masturbation study
Frank Sinatra sings
Strangers on my flight By Sinatra
The Bar
See what happens after too many drinks
I Quit
Humorous ways to write resignation letters
Landover baptist
A church satyre site. Very funny
A funny movie
Song: Chinese food featuring Garfield on menu
Super Laugh
Funny website with terrific jokes and greeting cards
Page Papabite
A french condom Movie commercial
The Jars
Life at a sperm bank (a flash movie)
funny stuff on this site
Random thoughts
Thoughts to make you go Hmmm..
Groovin granny
A funny granny song.
Debs fun pages
lots of fun pages
All your trek are belong to
Star Trek Humor
Alices Jokes
Lots of good jokes
ButlerWebs jokes
All type of jokes
Suddently senior
Jokes targeted towards the seniors
Insults and jokes
Terrific animations
The Penis song
An Ode to the penis
Orgasms around the world
Flash movie of orgasm (Can't be seen thru AOL)
Operation Infinite Purity
Government Anti-Masturbation Drive
Pick up Lines
Pick up lines for men to get some booty
Osama Parody
Real funny Eminem Parody song