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BDSM Resources: Internet Vendors

Paddles On Line store (10% DSF discount)
Specializing in BDSM and Fetish merchandise. 10% off for DSF members.
JT'S Stockroom (10% DSF discount)
Specialty: Has almost everything. Large selection of adult toys, novelties, bondage gear, sexy wear, dildoes, and much much more.
Bondage collars (10% DSF discount)
Long Island based. Specialty: Exotic Custom S&M Jewelry and collars
Elegantharlot (10% DSF discount)
Specialty: Leather/Latex/PVC/Spandex/Satin fetish wear, high heels/boots, wigs, adult novelties, toys and a large selection of unique Liquid Latex.
Fun Products (10% DSF discount)
Fun Products Electro-medical-tens units-kinky toys-etc. toll free 1-877-Fun-Prod DomSubFriends code to shop is "nyfodoms" Include it in the discount comment box. Specialty: Electro-medical-tens units-kinky toys-etc.
Erotic Shopping (10% DSF discount)
You'll need a DSF code for discounts. Specialty: Large selection of Erotic toys; remote control plugs, vibrators, pumps, lingerie, etc.
Dungeon Enterprises (10% DSF discount)
P.O. Box 35854 Dallas, TX 75235-0854 Specialty: Custom designed iron masks/cages/branding irons/crosses. Electrical toys, and many other items.
Seductive undies (10% off DSF discount)
Unique furniture and implement makers. E-mail your order with your DSF membership # in order to get the DSF discount.
Eclectic Electric Violet Wands and Other Toys (10% DSF Discount)
All available types of Violet Wands and accessories, plus complete information on care, safety and techniques. Include DSF code #DSF702 in your order form to receive the discount.
L8tex (10% DSF discount)
Everything in Latex. Clothes, hoods & masks, gags, penis restrains & sheaths, gloves & stockings, Liquid Latex, Latex bedsheets & pillowcases, PVC and more
Machine (10% DSF discount)
#85 Stanton Place, NYC, NY 212 475 4692 Specialty: Fetish store specializing in Gothic wear; Boots, gowns, chainwear, capes, vinyl, leather, pvc and more
Adorn Leather (15% DSF discount)
Specialty: Creators and manufacturers of quality leather bondage/restraints accessories, toys, lingerie, game and website development.
Paddlewackers (15% DSF discounts)
High-quality, low-cost hardwood pleasure paddles, canes and spanking toys. You need to mention your DSF membership # for discounts.
Abstract concepts (10% DSF Discount)
Beautiful custom made floggers. If you wish, they can also make floggers according to your specifications.
Primitiveleather (10%+ DSF Discount)
Quality bd/sm gear and men's fetish wear. Cock rings, ball stretchers, collars, chest and body harness, wrist bands, arm bands, gauntlets, chastity devices, blindfolds, hoods, floggers and more. Featuring jocks, vests, shorts and shirts
Undergrounds tock exchange (10% DSF Discount)
Specialty: Quality wood furniture and equipment for home and dungeon use. Paddles, stocks, chairs, crosses, benches and cages created from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. Custom orders are welcome. A variety of medical, electrical and protective items are offered as well, including cupping sets, TENS units, speculums, sounds, and gloves, to name just a few.
Tribal Glass (15% DSF discount)
Specializing in all sorts of unique handblown glass body jewelry.
Three Grace films (10% DSF discount)
Specializing in Adult fetish videos
Simply For Lovers (10% DSF Discount)
Specializing in Adult novelty Items (Fetish wear, Games, lubes, massage oils, dildos, etc). Contact us for the DSF Discount coupon # in order to receive the discount.
Dominance Loving Leather (10% DSF Discount)
Quality BDSM and adult implements/novelties at affordable prices
Intimate fashionz (10% DSF Discount)
Nice selection of leather and vinyl outfits, as well as, regular lingerie. To get discount you must put in keyword "DSF"
Dungeon X (10% DSF Discount)
BDSM furniture suppliers
KJ Canes (10% DSF member Discount)
Specialty: Top of the line Canes, Wisks and Candles.
Cross Dress USA (10% DSF Discount)
Specialty: For crossdressers everything you need to bring out the woman in you (lingerie, wigs, makeup, jewelry, bras, underwear, corsets, girdles, lingerie, shoes, etc)
Day Collar (10% DSF Discount)
Beautifully designed custom Leather collars. You must have your DomSubFriends membership number on the card, in order to get the discount.
ColorMeRed (10% DSF Discount)
Makers of unigue paddles, floggers, canes and toys that are hand craften and of very qood quality at reasonable prices (10% DSF Discount)
NYC based Sex toys, vibrators, dildos and many other adult novelties.
bdsm waxplay (10% DSF Discount)
Specializing in BDSM top of the line low heat candles