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Sartan's BDSM Workshop: Projects
Toy making info
Dragon Slayer
How to make toys, step by step guide
Info about Making Canes
How to make a cane
Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
Learning about different knots
Creative BDSM Toy Sources
Toy sources
Toys for Grownups
How to make electronic toys
Toy Making
Excellent site on Toy making
Chastity devices
Build your own chastity device
$5 chastity belt
cheap chastity belt
Elizabeth's Costume
How to make a corset
Bondage equipment
Build bondage equipment
Sex toys
Make your own sex toys
Build your own BDSM hardware
Make your toys
BDSM home adult toys
Make your toys
Dungeon Crafts
Look at this equipment to get ideas what to build
Build your own BDSM toys
Build your own BDSM toys website
Links to BDSM toy making
Links to toy making