NYC Munch Group can be found at:

The Munch takes place every "First" Friday of the month at The "Moonstruck Dinner"
Address: South/West Corner 23 Street/9th Ave, NYC (in the back of the restaurant)
Time: 7 PM - 8:30 PM

Important Munch reminder:
Please be courteous to the staff. In most cases, good service always depends on how well the staff is treated. By the time our Munch will start, some of them put in already a 7+ hour shift. Hence, a nice smile and curtesygoes a long way. Thank you.

The Munch's FAQ
*What is a munch?
A munch is a casual lunch or dinner with fellow BDSM'ers. In our case, The Munch takes place in a vanilla restaurant. This allows even the most novice scene member to be among kindred spirits in a relaxed atmosphere. This dinner has a wide, moderately priced menu. Come to eat or just for a cup of coffee.

*What a munch is not:
A munch is not a pick up place. Absolutely No scenes will take place. Don't display your new flogger or cane to everyone. Just as we don't like people imposing their lifestyle on us, we don't want to impose ours on theirs. It also becomes the quickest way to end a relationship with the restaurant, and bring a sore eye to our community.

*How to dress toThe Munch?
We would appreciate that you dress with the knowledge that this is a vanilla restaurant. We do not want to bring attention to ourselves nor the establishment from other patrons. That means dress as casual as possible. Most people come directly from work, so they are already casually dressed or in their work clothes.

*Who attends these munches?
Regular everyday males and females, who happen to share an interest in the BDSM Lifestyle. They can be doms, subs, switches, or simply new folks trying to find their place within BDSM.

*I am a complete novice and this is my first outing to a public munch. Will I still be welcomed?
Of course you'll be welcomed. We all had our own starting point when it came to this lifestyle. A munch is a perfect place for a complete novice to get his or hers first introduction to this lifestyle.

*Will I be safe if I attend alone or do I need to bring apartner?
Whether you are alone or without a partner, you always will be safe. Imagine eating dinner with your fellow coworkers or friends. That's what a The Munch is about. The Munch organizers make sure that every person is aware of the Munch protocol.

*How many people usually attendThemunch?
Attendance ranges from a few people to a fewdozens

*What is the breakdown of males to females, ratio of doms to subs, and what are their ages?
Usually at the munch the ratio of males to females, and doms to subs is around 50-50. Anyone 18 years old and older is welcomed to attend.

*Do people use their real names?
It is totally up to you. Some use their real name, while others use a nickname or scene name.

*How should I address others?
Everyone is equal at The Munch. Experience in this case doesn't count. Unless it's your own owner, and you have a specific "name title" with him/her, you do not have to address anyone else by "Sir or Ma'am"

*What do people usually talk about at a Munch, and what questions are not proper to ask?
People talk about all kind of topics; not only pertaining to our lifestyle, but also general life. Once again, understand that this is a Vanilla restaurant, so, if the topic is a "kinky" one, please make sure to keep your voice down. Also, the less attention we bring to our table, the better it is for everyone.

*What happens after the Munch is finished?
Most, if not all, who'll attend The Munch, will go to Paddles for the DomSubFriends demo/meeting. You're welcomed to walk over with us. It is located only 3 blocks from the Moonstruck Dinner in which our Munch is held.

If you need to ask any other question of "The Munch" organizers, please e-mail us at: