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“Don’t Scare the Villagers”
By Sensuous Sadie
A fellow writer and sexual adventurer, David Steinberg, recently sent me his latest collection of sexual photography.

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The New Patient
By Paulina
He was the last patient of the day on the Friday before Labor Day. She needed the break, and was looking forward to the long weekend, all by herself. No problems to deal with for 3 whole days.....

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Adorn Me: The Fetish Wardrobe: Why Should I Dress Up?
By Sensuous Sadie
Clothing is an artistic expression, as intimate as anything outside your body can be....

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By Rick Umbaugh
She lies in front of you on her belly. You take each delicate wrist and encircle it with a gleaming brass chain. The links lie flat against her wrists...

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Tops and Bottoms
By Lenny Waller of the Fetish Warehouse
It is my belief that to understand the present, we have to study the past. To that end, I offer some glimpses into our past, bringing you up to our current times...

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Adorn Me: The Fetish Wardrobe: Developing A Fetish Wardrobe On A Budget
By Sensuous Sadie
What makes a wardrobe a "fetish" wardrobe? Fetish wear transcends the ordinary...

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The Art of S/m
By Rick Umbaugh
If you look at what we do it is as much a martial art as Karate, Aikido, Kendo or the ancient western Art of the Fence. It requires the acquisition and application of physical skills...

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Dear Littlesub
By Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW
Consistent loving attachments to parental figures are a critical part of healthy psychological development

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