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The Many Faces of the Community
By Hans Meijer
understand is that BDSM-people are fantasy-driven

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The Art of Sensual Female Dominance, Claudia Varrin
By Bruce J
The book is written as "A Guide for Women," but incorporates more than the technical how-to of domination and submission

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The Contract, Sarah Fisher
By Mary
Emily Lawrence upon learning of the supposed death of her fiancÚ Peter Howard is summoned by the demonic Roderick Banyon.

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Ages of Lulu by Almudena Grandes, Sonia Soto (translator)
By Prahana
Ms. Grandes has crafted a fine piece of erotic literature, a la darkest Anais Nin, which demands the reader THINK a little.

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Masters of the Club, Lizbeth Dusseau
By Mary
Gillian Brahms while staying at Kate McPherson's apartment accidentally discovers a diary of Kate's detailing her membership into an exclusive club...

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