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"How do you get from jealousy to envy?"
By Kimiko, property of Soulhuntre
So how do you to get rational when you are irrational? Remember that he/she does

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Dear Ms Kinky
Dear Ms Kinky,
I've been with my Husband for years. He is vanilla and I am interested in Ds/Sm. When we have sex, I imagine he's someone else. He knows that mentality I'm somewhere else but he has no idea where- I feel guilty. Is this wrong?

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Dear Ms Kinky
I am seeing a dominant who thinks that I as his submissive is in a lower position than he. From reading things on the Internet and talking with other submissives, I feel that we should be equal partners...

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Dear Ms. Kinky
Dear Ms. Kinky,
I have been with my dom for two years. He doesn't want to scene with me at present, he feels burnt out. Is there anything I can do to help him with this problem?

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Dear Ms. Kinky
My master enjoys giving me severe canings followed by either a large dildo or his large cock rammed up my ass. I find both this procedures to be very painful. Yet I want to please my master...

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