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The Bag
I walked into that garage sale,
That crisp November day. Mainly to calm down from a spat with my submissive, In which both of us had said more than we should say.

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By Sarah
I went to them and they ran from me, dropping their protection as they went; they were to be mine -- and I was to be theirs.

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Poem: Mosaic Princess
By cre8ivebrat 2002
Daddy/ you gave me/ tingles/....

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Poetry: Leaving
By Kim
Throw me up against the wall in a storm...

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Poetry: BDSM to me
By Slave gerry
i'm standing before a precipice, staring into Infinity.

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Poerty: I Weep For Her
By Slave gerry
A hard push.
A sting on my behind.

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Poetry: I Recall
By Kim
Bound in the asylum of my mind...

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To Grasp The Moon
By Slave gerry
I look up to the night sky and I see her,
Just winking at me as she rises.

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