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By Lordpeace
She was afraid, she knew how much he treasured his heritage; and she had done the unthinkable,   one of his treasures from the past...

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By Dini
She came into his shoe store a few minutes before closing time.  It had been a tough day and he was tired.  He was about to snap at her, something cold and impersonal like, "Lady, the store closes in 5 minutes."  But there was...

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My Fantasy
By Bruce J

I found myself bent over a horse, my ass raised high for her easy access

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A Slave's Response
By LadyRed's Slut
It was a few days after my Mistress first took me. That night was burned into my consciousness mind; something in me changed that night.

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Discipline-Worse for the mind or the body?
By Loving Tyrant
I could smell her desire long before I confirmed it by sliding a finger gently between her inner labia

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A Remedy to Michele's Habitual Lateness
By the Mistress
This slave was the poster child for the kids story to the teacher about "my dog ate my homework" or "my homework flew out of the back seat of my mother's convertible on the way to school this morning"  only to find that...

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For You, My Darling Master...
By Silkyropes
It had been an erotic, yet relaxing and passion-filled day. We were going to Paddles later that night, yet we were so exhausted from our earlier lovemaking

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Kiss of the Singletail
By SirMike
She never knew what it was like. Oh she had heard about it, but
what is it about the whip that makes her body shake

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