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At Dusk in the Park
By Master Justin
You are standing alone in the park waiting for your Master to arrive....this is the first time he has asked you to display your obedience in public...

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Running Late
By Sir Saul
She had been warned about being late and missing her curfew and she made the decision not to worry about it...

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Darkness Into Light
By SilkyRopes
Her day began as usual, getting up at 5:00AM, showering, dressing, getting to the train station on time... falling asleep on the train into work...

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Punishment for the Sake of [T]
By Fatimire
This piece is intended as an apology to my Master...

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A Visit to Camp
By Sir Saul
It was HER fantasy they were looking to fulfill. She had placed an ad looking for someone to help her fulfill her fantasy....

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Behind the Screen
By sebastianB
It was the day after my fifteenth birthday. Since no celebrations were allowed at Saint Claire’s Reformatory the previous day went by uneventful except for a little secret adventure which led to the following consequences...

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Forgotten Promises
By tap
He wondered: What happened? When did their relationship change? He was her “Master” and she, His “slave”...

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The Initiation
By Sir Saul
It was not all that long ago that she had entered their home, in quiet anticipation of what she knew would be an experience she would not soon forget...

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