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The Doorway
By Sir Saul
He knew, intuitively, that she would be nervous. They all were, the very first time. Unbeknownst to her, he watched her pace, uneasily, uncomfortably, in the hallway directly outside his home

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By Master Ed
The strap hangs on the wall in your Master's office at home, in plain view of his friends, your friends and you. Made from an old dark brown military belt...

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The Girl on the Beach
By Rick Umbaugh
October leaves across the open veranda making clawed footsteps on the ancient wood. It was a proper Halloween, cold wind from the northeast, full moon playing hide and seek with the clouds....

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Trampling as a Group Effort
By Michael Prince
It is really interesting to watch a group of truly sadistic ladies involve themselves in a truly group effort to bring extreme pain and suffering to a heavy scene player. This was just what happened at recent party I attended.

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The Sinthia Story
By Unknown
"Sinthia had just finished typing up the last report for her boss. She checked it over, and was satisfied that all the information was in it that he had asked for..."

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The Inner Circle
By Janice
Blake had just let go a submissive on her 23rd birthday. She was special, but his devotion to the group was sacred...

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A Slave's Reward
By LadyRed
"I pushed a little to sit him back on the bed. "I have a little...present for you," I said, and spread my arms wide in front of me..."

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Okay Leave The Fucking Pants On
By Michael Prince
Mistress Ripley slowly survey's the submissive with his shirt off. He has a really good-looking chest and she liked his tattoo. Oh well I guess we are looking at the best part of you anyhow. You must be one of those guys with a good looking body

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