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Discipline-Worse for the mind or the body?
By Loving Tyrant
I asked her to set the alarm for 8am to play and 8:30 to go make a pot of coffee. She of course tried to multi-task and set the coffee up when she got up at 8...taking away from her time to prepare to play. The scene took place without a hitch, save to remind her when we had played for only 18 minutes instead of the 30 like I had origionally planned and that her poor choice was the direct cause and as such she would have to answer for it.

She thought I had forgotten until two mornings later I asked her to go prepare herself for discipline. She immediately lowered her head and tried to hug me affectionately (a sign she is nervous) and asked respectfully if this was *really* necessary. I disengaged from the hug to calmly tell her that it was not only necessary but vital to her as a submissive that I clearly define the lines....the boundries with which she existed on a daily basis.

In this case, she either wasn't paying attention or she thought she would improve on a set of directions she received from me. I let her know in no uncertain terms that when I asked her to do a specific set of tasks in a specific order it should register that those tasks are important to me to be done in the order I requested. Any deviation would require her to ask politely and live with the answer given.

To not discipline her for even small deviations like this one would be to allow her to "push the lines outward". I told her she can exist within the lines I set for her.....she was even allowed to live on the edge of the line...but as soon as (and every time) even a toenail crossed it...there would have to be some sort of reprimand. To not do so would be renigging on the promise I made to guide and direct her when I locked her collar in place barely a month ago.

Having said that....she hung her head and told me with strong body language how much she regretted the transgression...but in the same sense she was also very turned on by the prospect of being corporally punished for it. I knelt her on all fours at the foot of the bed face buried in the duvet with her arms extended flat beyond her head...the classic Gorian position of obescience.

I could smell her desire long before I confirmed it by sliding a finger gently between her inner labia to confirm how she was wet with anticipation. I briefly knelt beside her on the bed to whisper "I should bind you so that you are not tempted to block the blows you are about to receive for not adhering to my direction. You do realize why you are being punished - don't you?" She started to nood her head but quickly added "Yes, Sir". Her voice wavered and cracked with genuine fear. I responded with, "I will test you this time to see if you can remain in this position as you receive your due punishment. Do not disappoint me..." I could see her cringe at my use of the "D" word. She wouldn't break position if I was to start sawing off her arm - so strong was her desire to not disappoint me.

I picked up my instrument of discipline...a 12" by 10" over square paddle made of 1" thick oak. Strong, hefty and capable of leaving marks that would remain for weeks if wielded heavily. That was not my aim today. I had pretty much accomplished my goal with the words I spoke to her.....put her in the right place, thinking....wondering what was to come next. I heard a muffled cry of "Please, Sir, I'm sorry, I'm soooo won't happen again...I promise! Please, Sir, you don't have too..."

I took careful aim and hit her right cheek with the first blow. She stiffened and said "One, Sir" as an outline of the heavy paddle immediately began to form on her right butt cheek. Counting to ten to give her time to accept and settle for the next blow. I connected with a bit more agressive blow to her other butt cheek. "Two, Sir" came in a much shakier voice this time as she held position, not moving her hands as she had done in previous bouts of discipline. I lined up the final blow to connect evenly with both lobes of her ass. This was the stiffest hit yet....but I took care to connect with only the rounded, fleshy part of her ass so as to not even come close to her cocyx bone. There would be no hard-to-explain trips to the ER today. She reared her head and I could see her face contort with the immediacy of the pain.....a small and allowable break of posture considering the brut force of the paddle's blow and hissed "Three, Sir!" as she shook her head to try to slough off the pain searing through her now reddened ass.

The marks would be gone by days end. I did not want to mark her this time so much as to show her that when I say to do certain specific things in a certain specific order that that direction is important to me. I accomplished as much with my words this time....the blows a mere token ending to an otherwise successful learning session. Now, it was time for compassion.

I placed the paddle on the bed close enough to her head so she could smell the oak and once again probed a finger into her now slick and swollen nether region. As I lightly rubbed her clit she responded by ever so slightly rocking her hips to the rythym of my rubbing. Off came sneakers, shorts, shirt and boxers as I climbed onto the bed and lay back against a few pillows. I grabbed her hair and lightly tugged at her until she was positioned above my tuminescent cock. She began to suckle the head of me as a baby might suckle it's mother's nipple. She balanced her forearms on my hips and raised herself slightly so her breasts lightly touched my inner thighs as she got down to the business of a proper blow job. My cock responded by literally growing in her mouth as she suckled it from the base to the tip, stopping at the head to tongue the underside. This of course made me extremely horny, especially the sight of her breasts hanging low enough to brush my scrotum as she did this.

I rolled her onto her back and lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders. She loved to be taken this way as it gave her the feeling of being helpless without having to take the time to otherwise bind her. I rubbed the head of my semi hard cock up and down across her wet labia and clit as I pinned the back of her thighs with my hands. With one smooth stroke I entered her, stopping only as my pubic bone met her monds pubis. I began to fuck her in a slow even rythym, watching my cock disappear into her. She was so well lubed that her labia didn't even move as I slid into and out of her. I leaned forward to watch her face and increased the rythym until our pubic bones were slapping together loudly. She began to grunt and groan with the feeling of being pounded mercilessly. Her arms instinctively reached over her head and grabbed the spokes of the brass headboard, still bound by my will.

I decided to flip her over again onto all fours where I entered her from behind, lightly gripping her hips for leverage. We fucked savagely in this position for a while, until my orgasm came upon me suddenly and very forcefully. Crying out with the pleasure of this orgasm I continued fucking her until my cock went limp. She shuddered as I pulled out of her, leaning back on my haunches to wait for my semen to began dripping from her turgid flesh. A fitting ending to a successful learning session.

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.