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By Mistress Dominae Drakonis
The allure of the vampire is dark, seductive, powerful and frightening. He or She encompasses all of the darkest desires we hold within ourselves: the ability to command, mesmerize and control along with the animalistic urge to entrap and feed from one's prey. It is no wonder that mythology of the vampire exists in almost every country and culture in the world.

Although films and books such as Dracula have made the vampire male in gender, mythology and culture sees the vampire as a primarily female entity. She is seen as the chaotic and animalistic force of the feminine nature with the power of seduction, control, destruction and transformation.

Yes, Vampires are Real
But perhaps not in the way that you would imagine. The modern vampire culture is a thriving and fairly diverse community. But true or living vampires are not immortal. Most of us do not sleep in coffins. Garlic breath may be repellent, but we can handle it and crosses and churches dont bother us any more than most people.
So.. what is true vampirism?

The true vampire is one who feeds.
Pranic Vampire: feeds off of another's prana or life-force by connecting to a donors energy and taking some of that energy into themselves. This is a technique similar to healing processes of reiki or other energy healing techniques. In energy healing, the healer's energy is focused and sent out into someone. With pranic vampirism, the vampire takes someone's energy into themselves.

The person giving the vampire energy is called a donor. This type of vampirism is also called: Psi Vampirism;
1) ambient feeding: feeding off of the energy of a group of people - this is often done at large events and gatherings.
2) light feeding: feeding off of energy radiating from the donorl. This can be done with or without touching the donor.
3) deep feeding: a more personal and intimate feeding from a donor. With deep feeding, the vampire reaches further into the core of the donor's prana or life-force. Deep feeding over extended periods with the same donor can cause a strong connection between vampire and donor such as deeper empathy, telepathy, connected dreams and emotional/spiritual dependency.

* There is always a connection made between the vampire and donor, whether the feeding is light or deep. Therefore vampires are usually very careful of who they feed from. Those who are drug/alcohol dependent, infirmed or mentally unstable should be avoided as donors.

Tantric Vampire: feeds off of the sexual energy of a donor. This can be either during sexual activity or simply through connecting to a donor while he/she is aroused, masturbating or engaged in sexual activity with another. The tantric vampire can not only feed off of the sexual energy of others, but can also influence the arousal of their donor through their connection with the donor's energy.

Sanguine Vampire: feeds off of blood from a donor. Unlike a blood fetish, this is a physical need for some vampires. This is also a practice that is sometimes looked down on by members of the vampire community due to health and safety issues. If blood feeding (or any kind of blood play) is to be done:
1) BOTH parties should be tested for HIV and TB and found to be negative.
2) Never draw blood through a bite - this is not only extremely unsanitary and potentially infectious, but it is also dangerous as there is less determination of where on the donor's body you will be cutting. A drop or two of blood is good - laceration of a vein or artery is NOT GOOD!!

3) A very small cut (1/4 inch or less) can be made with a sterilized razor blade. This should be no more than 1/8 of an inch deep so as to prevent excessive bleeding. There should be NO CUTTING ON THE NECK!! Areas such as the chest, outside of upper arm, finger, hand (not NOT WRIST!) are safe areas to cut lightly. Avoid ALL VEINS AND ARTERIES!!! Peroxide should be applied immediately after feeding and a band aid applied.
**However - you do not need to blood feed in order to be a vampire. And not everyone who drinks blood is a vampire.

The Vampire in Fantasy Roleplay: The Vampire Mystique You do not need to be a true vampire in order to enjoy the fantasy and excitement of what the vampire represents. In a BdSm relationship, the fantasy of being seduced, mesmerized, possessed and devoured by a vampire can be an extremely powerful and exciting experience. While roleplaying as a police officer, interrogator, military officer places a Dominant in a position of extreme Power, the Vampire in roleplay offers a little bit more. She/he offers the element of the supernatural to the scene. In fantasy, the Vampire can fly, transform into other creatures, mesmerize and become a carnal, vicious being capable of not only taking the submissive lifeforce and blood, but his/her very soul and life.

The Role of the Dominant (Vampire)
1) Predator: to stalk, capture and feed from the submissive
2) Seducer: to mesmerize, seduce, excite and enslave the submissive
3) Teacher: to teach the submissive the ways of the vampire if he/she proves to be worthy

The Role of the submissive
1) prey: to allow the Vampire to pursue and feed
2) servant/slave: to tend to all desires of the Vampire
3) student: to learn the ways of the Vampire

Setting the Scene
A dark and mysterious atmosphere is very important in creating a Vampire scenario. A room filled with candlelight, the scent of incense, dark colors (black, red, wine, purple, silver) and satiny or lacy materials will help to set the mood. Music is also very important to setting the scene. Luckily you have several choices here according to your desires. Classical, New Age, Industrial and of course Goth music can all be considered Vampiric. Lots of pillows, veiling of materials (such as canopies) and other romantic/gothic touches all help to set the scene.

Tools of the Trade
Clothing: Black is the typical color that vampires prefer of course. But red, wine, purple and silver are also great options.
Clothing can be pvc, leather, lace or velvet- there are classical romantic vampires and the more modern Underworld look, so dress in the way that suits you best.

Fangs: Fangs are a big part of the vampire look: Depending on your desires and how often you will be using them, fangs can be bought in Halloween/costume shops, magic shops or they can be custom made by a local fangsmith. Price will vary according to the option you choose. There are many styles of fangs if you choose to have them custom made. Doing a search on the internet for fangsmiths or custom fangs will give you sites with various style to choose from.

Claws: The long claws of the vampire are great tools. Not only are they frightening and lend to the predatory nature of the vampire, but scratching and clawing can be very arousing to your submissive. There are vampire gloves with attached long fingernails which can be worn or you can choose to have your nails professionally done with pointed tips if you choose. Glue on nails are great for show - not so great for scratching.

Your Eyes: The mesmerizing/commanding gaze of the vampire should be able to stop a submissive in his/her tracks. Just as any Dom/Domme realizes, the eyes are a powerful tool. Vampires also sometimes wear theatrical/ dramatic contact lenses for a more intense look. There are many options to choose from so do a search on the net. Contact lenses can be specially made for prescription contacts or those with astigmatism. Of course, dark eyeliner (cat's eyes) also looks wonderful. Dark, smoky eye shadow and long eyelashes is also a wonderful effect.

Blades/knives: Blade play can also be used in a vampire scene. Running a dull blade across the flesh of the submissive, or simply threatening to cut and sacrifice him/her adds an exciting element to the scene. However, I would not recommend actually cutting with knife unless it's a clean and sterilized blade.

Conclusion: Enjoy yourselves... explore your dark side - but do so responsibly!! A bite is extremely painful and you need not go at your submissive like a vicious animal to make him/her You prey. Self -control is always important in every Ds scene - respect the needs of your submissive and command respect and servitude
because of Your Regality, Skills and Talent as a Dominant.

Recommended Reading:
*The Psychic Vampire Codex: Michele Bellanger
*Female Dominance: Rituals an Practices: Claudia Varrin

To learn more about Mistress Dominae Drakonis, go to

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.