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The Pick-Up artist
By Peter Tenorio
If you ask most people, they'll tell you: "either you're attractive or you're not." Attractiveness, charisma, charm -- whatever you want to call it -- is either something you have or you don't. And certainly not a skill you can learn.

But that's what I do. Teach men to be attractive. How to connect with others. How to be more fully themselves, at their best, and live the life of their dreams.

Let's start with the foundations of everything.

- Have good body language. Start hitting the gym if need be, that's by far the best way to get incredible posture.
- Dress well. Shine your shoes. Be well-groomed, eyebrows tweezed and nails manicured.
- Have something in your fashion that's different, and wear things that have meaning to you and your identity.
- Cultivate female friends if you can, and head out to the bars together.
- Be the PARTY. This means your attention is here, now. Do not look around, here and there, especially not behind you.

- Specific to the scene: the cool thing in these walls is that you can forge and fashion a distinct, over the top persona. You can craft an image with your costumes. Be larger than life. Know what you're good at and make it your speciality. People will flock to you if you're the best at x.


- I like to call it "being excellent"
- One of the best things you can do is simply wait twenty minutes until you decide if you like a woman.
- Women's switches flip differently than men. For a man, looks are often enough and once the switch is flipped, its pretty damn hard to turn it off. Women, however, respond more slowly and to a number of very specific things.
- Among these are: preselection by women, protector of loved ones, leader of men, sense of humour, emotional openness, etc etc. These can be demonstrated through stories and behaviours that can be learned.
- A woman will tell you when she's interested in you, non-verbally, through her body language, gaze, touching, stroking her hair, asking your name, etc etc.


- Know what you want in a woman. Write it down, as if you could fashion your ideal woman down to the smallest detail.
- Actively screen women for what you want. "What's your story?"
- If a woman likes you, she'll put effort into answering your questions.

Finally, COMFORT

- Start to build commonalities with the person in front of you.
- Share vunerabilities, be honest, connect.
- As your connection grows, typically for a number of hours, windows will open and close: windows for connection, windows for kissing. Pay attention to when these come up and make sure to act on them.

These are the basics. Above all, be authentic, be real, be honest. If you're nervous, say so. Come out into the open...too many guys hide by being extroverted or by being shy.

Realize too that all that I've given you here is INFORMATION. There's no real KNOWLEDGE to this, which comes through learning how to apply the information you've been given.

And that's why I coach. What I've given you here is probably less than 1% of what's out there and, frankly, I wish a presentation such as mine could make effective change in someone's life, but it rarely can.

I help guys create the lives' of their dreams through phone consultations, weekend workshops, and a custom three month program which is unlike anything else out there. If you'd be interested in coaching, I'd be more than happy to talk.

You can reach me by email:

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