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The Importance of Rituals & Protocol
By The Mistress Didi
While watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the people with Me commented on how they liked specific parts that they always look forward to ~ like the singing of the national anthem when the USA wins a gold medal and the raising of the Olympic flag. Interestingly, one of these viewers tends to gripe about My strict adherence to protocols (specifically a dress code at My Parties).

I took advantage of the opportunity to catch him in the glow of his moment to make a PERFECT analogy.
I pointed out that the wonderful feelings We get when We are participants in rituals is a HUGE part of what makes the event special; separate from everyday experiences. For example, think of how you felt hearing people sing Happy Birthday to you when you were a child, the candles on your cake, blowing them out and making a wish!

Oh, and the presents! Do you remember the first time that you did not have the Happy Birthday Experience of childhood? Somehow, your birthday lost its unique "magic", the birthday experience became diminished, and you've excused it away with being "too old for all that now - it's just another day". Bah, humbug.
FYI: I consider My Birthday the biggest holiday of the year. It is the day that I was given the Gift of Life and I believe I owe it to The Great Creation to celebrate such a gift as much as I can and as grandly as I can.

Rituals instill and maintain pride, dignity, and a sense of continuity of family, faith, culture, and life itself. They are an important way for people to come together and share a common bond with the Highest Energy. Nature has Her rituals with the seasons and the Circle of Life. Each of Us has rituals ~ large and small ~ to preserve Our lives ~ from brushing your teeth every morning (or so I hope) to celebrating holidays and milestones like graduations and weddings. And then, there are funerals.
The Scene Protocols are Our rituals of celebrating Our Lifestyles along with basic respect for self and others.

Why do you want to be in The Scene? To be a part of the magic? Or to diminish the joy and beauty that Others who respect and contribute to The Scene have built by following and upholding Our protocols? If you don't want to follow the protocols of The Scene, stay out of The Scene.

ProDom/mes, it is Your duty to educate clients in basic protocols such as common courtesy (which they should have learned at home, but didn't seem to) and manners - to say "please", "thank you" and to at least, call You "Ma'am" or "Sir" and to show the same consideration to other Dominants. You may be the first and only introductions to The Scene for many people and You can do a great service to Our Community by putting and keeping people on the right track.

With the deterioration of the Beauty and Art of Fetish from the irresponsible and offensive behaviors of money-grubbers (including Hollywood and the media) and the sleezoids who only think the purpose of Fetish is for and about their genitalia, it is more important than ever to adhere to protocols to improve and preserve the Beauty of Fetish.

Do your part. If you don't know where to begin, start with My Articles and use search engines for "BDSM education" to find a plethora of resources. As I always tell people, "Use the internet for something other than looking at porn..."

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.