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Fiyaaahhh Class
By SweetLadyJane
Ahhh yes, Fiyaaahhh...

It entices, intrigues, frightens, mesmerizes...

It is said that Fire has the characteristics of a living entity...

Fire is one of the Four Elemental Forces of Nature.

It is at the center of Myth and Ritual all over the World and has altered human consciousness since it's discovery.

Fire provides warmth, heat, cooks, comforts, edifies, encourages survival and supports life.

Fire also can easily become out of control, It can and will burn, tear down, decimate and kill.

The only thing about Fire that is predictable... is that it can be unpredictable.

Fire is simultaneously Protector and Destroyer.

Fire will only be treated with Great Reverence.


Within the "What It Is That We DO" Community, Fire Play it is one of - if not - "the" most dangerous as well as intensely sensual forms of edge play.

When approaching this incredible medium, this elemental force... never lose sight of the reality that Fire burns, maimes and can potentially devastate and yes, kill.

When one plays with Fire, the understanding that we cannot control this Force of Nature must be deeply held!!! We can however... coax Fire, cooperate and even possibly negotiate with it's will.

This essential understanding and respect will allow any who delight in Fire Play, to do so with the great awe and satisfaction.

Here we will explore Erotic Fire Play essentials. We will be discussing and demonstrating a basic approach to Fire Play performed horizontally.

Basic Fire Fact... FIRE BURNS UP-WARD!!!

Not to say that Fire cannot be experienced other ways i.e. Fire Flogging, vertical fire Play, Fire Mits and Gloves... We will simply be focusing on the basics of horizontal Fire Play.

The idea is that the fuel - 70% isopropyl alcohol - applied to skin will burn when ignited... not the skin. Once the Fire causes the fuel to evaporate, it must be smothered or the skin will feel the burn. And herein lies the fine line... the "Edge"... physiologically as well as and maybe even more so... psychologically.


~o0o~ Safety First ~o0o~

~ Scene Safety: Invovles sizing up and discerning SCENE SAFETY along with an assistant or "second" within the ENVIRONMENT in which you are to play in as well as having on hand supplies that include: FIRE EXTINGUISHERS and their use, WET TOWELS, NATURAL FIBER CLOTHING AND FABRIC for surfaces Fire bottom is to lie upon. Cotton, silk, wool, hemp, bamboo are all examples of appropriate fabrics. Also, fIRST AID SUPPLIES are a must and AFTER CARE IS TO BE CONSIDERED AND PLANNED FOR.

~ An assisstant or "second" is highly recommended when exploring Fire Play. The second is - after becoming well versed in scene safety - to do "no thing" other than carefully observe and guard the scene and to be ready to act immediately if need be.

~ Environment: Along with Fire Play precautions and safety supplies, carefully consider the environment where play is to take place, for this is just as important as your supplies.

See to that distractions are not allowed.

Clear the area of unnecessary clutter.

Lights must be dim enough for Top to see the flames once wands are lit. If not, it is possible that there is a flame burning, that you are unaware of.


A bathroom and kitchen are the best places for Fire Play, especially for a first time experience.

How excellent would it be to place a bottom up on a kitchen table... and let the games begin!!!

~ Fire extinguisher: Listed under resources is an online site that will give information in regard to all you need to know about the different types of extinguishers and how to use them.

For fire Play purposes, it is generally recommended that an ABC extinguisher is used.


Check "Resources" below to learn more.

~ Wet Towels: Wet and squeeze out a couple of towels to be used to smother flames and to cool hot skin. Keep these towels close by through out play.

~ Natural Fiber Clothing and Fabric Covering: Natural fibers burn clean, synthetic fiber, when burning, melts. You get the picture!

Tops clothing is to be as little as possible, made of natural fiber, close fitting with all or most of their arms free of clothing.

Have a wool blanket on hand as it will successfully smother a small Fire.

When I am handling both wands ablaze, e.g. during Fire Drumming, I smother flames with my forearms and therefore need them to be bare.

Bottoms are to have the areas to be exposed to flame, entirely bare.

Both Fire Tops and their seconds must be willing to smother flames on the bottom with their own body if necessary!

Fire Tops and bottoms are to keep their hair tied up and away from the Fire source at all times during play!!!

Do not allow fuel to seep into body crevices or folds of skin.

Do not allow fuel to puddle.

I begin play by demonstating on my own body, then on bottom's hands and arms. I then have bottom lie face down and expose their back to the Fire first as the back is not as sensitive as the front of the body. After playing for a while on the back, I turn the bottom over and begin slowly and build up on the front of the body and more sensitive areas.

I always check in with the bottom and get feedback throughout.

~ First Aid: Have basic first aid supplies. Saline solution, sterile gauze, aloe for burns and to apply on skin to soothe the drying effects of alcohol and Fire.


Applying ice to a burn does not allow blood supply - which facilitates healing - to reach the injured area!

Talk to those who have experience in and know about burns and/or emergency medical treatment. Read books and take a look at sites that educate in regard to first aid and burns.

~ After Care: Consider after care for the Fire bottom. Wrapping the bottom up in a sheet and/or holding them quietly. Gently rubbing them down with a cool cloth, just your bare hands or with a quality soothing lotion or aloe straight from the leaves, to hydrate the skin.

Consider what works for both Top and bottom.

~ A chemically altered mind has no place when playing with Fire... alcohol and other mind altering substances are "Bad Medicine" when sober thinking and reaction time is critical!!!

Pages and pages of safety precautions in Fire Play can be written about and read over and over again. Nothing can take the place of prudent consideration and acton!

Use your head... THINK, OBSERVE, CONSIDER!!!


Fire Source, Fuel, Fuel Container, Fire wands, natural fiber clothing. Natural fiber because if they catch on fire they burn clean, synthetic fibers melt. You get the picture!!!


Flash Cotton, Flash Paper, spray bottle to hold alcohol for creating "Fire Balls" for heat transfer and a delicious mind fuck!!!

~ Fire Source ~

To be used to light cotton swabs, wands/batons, torches. This can be matches, a lighter, candles. Beeswax candles although more costly than parafin, are my preference. Beeswax candles when burning, give off negative ions and the natural scent of beeswax is amazing!!!

Beeswax candles naturally purify the air!!!

Soy and palm oil candles are also available, are eco-friendly and often utilize natural essential oils for fragrance.

It is said that beeswax burns hotter than paraffin, this is no problem when used as a Fire Source but when utilized in Hot Wax play, this means more "ouch" for your money, honey (pun intended!) I am not entirely sure this is a bad thing!!!

When using a candle, it is to be secured in a holder or container that can not easily be tipped over.

~ Fuel/Fuel Container ~

The fuel of choice for Fire Play is 70% isopropyl alcohol. This is the most used fuel for Erotic Fire Play. DO NOT USE HIGHER ALCOHOL CONTENT ISOPROPYL OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF ALCOHOL. A higher percentage of alcohol will burn too hot for Fire Play!!!

Fuel container must be Fire proof. A glass or metal jar with a lid, glass or metal bowl or measuring cup along with a cover.

If using cotton swabs as Fire Wands, a small cup will do just fine as you will only need to dip the tips in to soak them sufficiently.

When utilizing larger wands, fuel should be placed in a container wide and deep enough to immerse wand heads completely so as to soak them thoroughly. Long wands need a container that will support their length without the threat of tipping over.

After soaking wands, when ready to use right before lighting them, gently swirl and tap the wands against the container as you lift them out so as to allow excess fuel to drip off wands and back into the container.

Container must be stable and not easily tipped over.

A cover for the container is necessary to facilitate the smothering of flames, should the fuel be ignited unintentionally. A lid to a pot or even a book larger than the opening of the container can be used in an emergency. The idea is that a cover will not allow air to reach the flame burning.

Keeping tools such as these close by will circumvent having to fumble around in order to find them during a critical moment.

~ Fire Wands ~

Purchase fire wands on-line from fellow kinksters who make them, purchase an entire kit with wands included or make your own wands and gather supplies yourself.

Wands can be as small and simple as cotton swabs dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol or as elaborate as crafting your own wands according to the size and type you like.

Wood: Wooden Chop sticks, spoons, forks, dowels, skewers or the like. I read that wiping wood down with linseed oil - some sites said boiled linseed oil - preserves the wood and keeps it from burning.

Metal: Once again... Metal chop sticks, spoons, forks rods etc. can be used to craft wands. Metal fondue forks which can be found and purchased at thrift stores are used by many. Metal BBQ/grilling skewers can be used as well.

Cotton balls are not actually balls but rather cotton strips rolled into balls. Cotton balls can be unrolled and wound around wood or metal rods, then covered with cotton gauze and secured at the base to create the wand "head".

Long handled wands are best as they keep the lit head away from your hands!!!

Fire Performers use long metal wands/batons/torches that can be found online.

I enjoy exploring the crafting of my own wands and gathering the supplies that suit my taste. Doing as much of the work myself has been, is now and will continue to be part of the learning experience for me. I appreciate the figuring out of "how to" do things, just as much as "doing" the thing itself!!!


~o0o~ Erotic Fire Play Techniques ~o0o~

~ Fire Touch: Holding both lit and unlit wands in one hand, apply fuel to palm of free hand with alcohol soaked unlit wand, light palm ablaze with lit wand. Top can massage, apply impact, or just hold hand still on Fire bottoms skin to smother flames.

~ Fire Fleshing: Holding both wands in one hand - one lit one unlit - apply fuel to bottom's skin with unlit wand, light trail of fuel with lit wand, wipe out flame with free hand.

You can create designs with the fuel and light them to watch the trail transform as the fuel ignites!!!

Start small so that you can handle extinguishing the flames comfortably. Even with experience, starting a session with applying fuel to smaller areas and drawing smaller designs, allows for both Top and bottom to acclimate and build upon the experience.

~ Fire Drumming: Light both wands and use them to "drum" percussively on fire bottom.

~ Flash Cotton, Flash Paper and Flash String: Flash cotton and flash paper, chemically treated fibers that combust quickly and completely, leaving no ash or residue. Properly handled, both can be used to create a visually dramatic flash. And consequently... scare the bejeezus outta Fire bottoms, leaving them smilin' and wantin' to experience that rush again!!!


Flash Cotton is sold and shipped packed moist due to it's highly combustibile state and requires complete drying before use. the cotton comes as a thin pad and must be pulled apart and fluffed according to the size you desire to use - bigger piece, bigger flash - The more you "fluff' the quicker it will burn because air can come in contact with more of the cotton's surface.

Read the instructions that accompany the Flash Cotton/Paper carefully!!!

Both Flash Cotton and Flash Paper can be found in brick and mortar Magic Shops as well as online. I have been purchasing mine online on ebay for much better prices than what either online Magic sites or retail outlets offer.

Flash String: I do not recommend utilizing Flash String because it is wound and will burn hotter due to such. I have heard of it burning flesh and scarring. If any are interested in it's use, learn more and consider it's use accordingly.

~ Spray Bottle filled with 70% isopropyl, sprayed toward a lit Fire wand, just over the surface of the skin, is beautiful to behold. Really hot figuratively as well literally and scary!!!

~ Oh yeah... and for all you hirsute bottoms, you too can enjoy playing with Fire!!!

Tops... do not allow hair to get in the way of playing with a "Fuzzy" bottom!!! Take it slow and be especially observant as playing with someone with body hair is dangerous. HAIR BURNS, EVEN AFTER THE FUEL EVAPORATES!!!

Also, most do not appreciate the scent of burning hair but this will indeed be a part of playing with someone, who has any amount of body hair to speak of!

Consider the atmosphere you desire to achieve.

Choose music that will set the stage for your scene.

Experience the Fire on your own body, first. Get comfortable with the sensation, application and technique.

Perhaps coupling Fire Play with Impact Play, Hot Wax and/or Blade Play... the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination!!!


~o0o~ Resources ~o0o~

~ First and foremost... your Creative Mind!!!

~ Books: “Flames of Passion: Handbook of Erotic Fire Play.” By David Walker and Robert Rubel PhD with a Forward by Jay Wiseman

Online: Wikipedia - yes, Wikipedia - has information in regard to BDSM "Temperature Play" which includes a short bit about Fire Play.

~ Search, "Fire Play", "Erotic Fire Play", "BDSM Fire Play" and the various combinations of words to find sites that offer information and instruction.

~ DomSubFriends also has lotsa really good information in regard to Fire Play,………

~ Online fetish social networking forum, Search "Fire Play" in Groups, Events, and Writings.

~ Attend workshops and demos on Fire Play.

~ Fire Play Group:

~ Kits: Fetlife kinkster "Pyro_Sadist" (Brian) sells Fire Play wands and full Fire Play kits along with his wife "Dottie". Both he and his wife are friendly, knowledgable and are quite open to answering questions about Fire Play.

~ Info about fire extinguishers:

~ Thrift Stores: Never underestimate what you can find in one of these !!!

~ Aaand... me, SweetLadyJane... if ya have any questions in regard to "Fiyaaahhh," drop me a note on Fetlife and let me know!!!


~o0o~ Further Study ~o0o~

Fire Cupping

Fire Flogging (and various Fire Impact Play)

Fire Mits/Gloves

Vertical Fire Play

~o0o~ Still Want More... ~o0o~

Fire Eating

Fire Poi

Fire Transfer

Fire Breathing (considered by Fire Performers to be, singularly, the most dangerous form of Fire handling technique and Performance)

I personally breathe Fire with cornstarch. No chance of chemical pneumonia, ingestion of toxic substances or blow back!!!

~ If any Kinksters come across Fire Play info. that is of interest to you andja thinx I may be of interest to me too... please do not hesitate to pass along your discoveries!!!

Thanx to Viktor and DomSubFriends and to all of you who attended the workshop!!!

Hope to see some of ya out in the scene!!!

Until Then and Beyond...
Peace, Playful Mischief & Joyful Chaos To ya,
Sweet Lady Jane

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.