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A Remedy to Michele's Habitual Lateness
By the Mistress
It seems every time I am to get together with my slave Michele she was always late. No matter what the event or what time the meeting was called for she always was late. The excuses for this tardiness seemed to have no end or originality.

This slave was the poster child for the kids story to the teacher about "my dog ate my homework" or "my homework flew out of the back seat of my mother's convertible on the way to school this morning" only to find that this child took the bus to school every morning.

Well, to say the least my patience had reached the very end. Saying I was pissed off was a total fucking understatement of the situation from my point of view. When Michele had finally arrived I managed to contain and hide my anger. We chatted like nothing was wrong. However she must have figured out that I was annoyed either by my demeanor, or the fact that neither she nor I are idiots. Hey when you are late for the umpteenth time it seems reasonable that your Mistress might be slightly bent out shape.

When we reached the house my demeanor rapidly changed. "We have something to talk about young lady", I announced in a rather stern voice. Come stand here and explain why it is you were late again ? She shifted back and forth and whined about traffic.

"Quit mumbling and speak so I can understand you." She mumbled again about being sorry. Hell, you only think you are sorry; when I get done with your sorry ass THEN you'll be sorry, and I will have the satisfaction of knowing I made you sorry.

I then deliberately grabbed her by the hair moving her head around until I had her face positioned exactly where I wanted it. Once satisfied with my range I slapped her face severely several times. You are always sorry and never plan in advance how much time it will take you. You don't show me respect. Just think how I felt while I wait on you.

I then grabbed her by the ear and lead her to the corner telling her she needed a lesson in manners. While she was standing in the corner her face still searing from my well aimed hard slaps, I went to get some additional equipment required to continue Michele's lesson on being on time.

I fetched a paddle, razor strap, hairbrush and cane. I believed after a good work over with these toys this lesson would be driven home with a certain meaning that words alone usually wouldn't accomplish.

I was determined that Michele would take this lesson seriously, remembering it for a long time to come. I commanded her to bend over the arm of the couch, which placed her nice bottom on a perfect level with my swing. Then I pulled up her skirt and gently ever so slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles.

She then stepped out of the panties without even being told. All the implements of punishment I had brought into the room were then laid out on the back of the couch so she could see them.

I began to stroke her soft bottom telling her how I was going to punish this nice bottom with every toy she saw. Telling her how spankings seemly hadn't worked in correcting her tardiness we were not going to graduate to an ass whipping.

How long has is been since your last strapping Michele? She stammered I am not sure- I don't remember, was her reply to my question. Her reply rely infuriated me;

Have you forgotten how to address me Michele?

Your Manners need to be worked on as well as your habitual lateness. You seem to have forgotten your place and just about everything else I have tried to teach you. I guess my methods have been too kind and gentle for your taste. Well, I intend to rectify this mistake on my part here and now. Pull up your skirt up and hold it out of my way, I commanded.

If you cannot stand still while receiving your punishment l will have to tie you to the spanking bench and believe me you will regret it.

I started her punishment with my hand. Slamming severely hard slaps into her bottom. I wanted to feel my hand going into her ass. My hand began to hurt, but that only made me feel better knowing her ass had to be hurting much more than my hand. When her ass was bright red and I could hear her moans quite clearly I picked up the razor strap. Positioning myself so I could get a full hard swing with the strap I took a test stroke, landing squarely across both ass cheeks.

Satisfied that I had the range I desired, I let it fly with a really had stroke. The strap cracked across her ass making a really loud cracking sound followed almost immediately by a deep moan from Michele. I waited until the blow had sunk in and she hd settled down before I gave her another equally resounding stroke.

I wanted to make sure of two things; I didn't want her ass to grow numb to the blows and I didn't want her to lose the anticipation of the pain, along with the realization that there were to be many more equally painful strokes to follow the one she had just received.

This procedure was working really well because my now Michele was emitting a steady groan, punctuated by a scream with every stroke of the strap. I knew this punishment must being having some positive effect upon her ass because I was actually beginning to raise a sweat. I therefore stopped and removed my top. The sweat was glistening on my chest arms and stomach.

Then I ran my hand over her bright dark red ass, clawing her ass cheeks with my nails and digging my fingers into her butt. This caused her to moan loudly.

Tiring of the strap, I went to my paddle, swatting her ass cheeks over and over again until she was profusely promising never to be late again. I told her to shut her mouth or I would gag her. I couldn't give a shit at this point in time what she was promising and her ass certainly wasn't done to my standards of a good ass whipping. I felt she richly deserved what she was getting and in fact this punishment was long overdue.

Therefore her protestations and promises fell on deaf ears. After warming her bottom to a rosy red I decided it would be beneficial to strap her to the bench so her struggles would be minimal. Needless to say I wanted to change her position now because I knew the position change would also change her pain sensation making everything hurt even more than it was hurting now. Besides I wanted to give my body a change in angle of swing for my own muscles, since my arm and shoulder were getting tight.

Once through the ritual of securing her to spanking bench I went back to the razor strap. I now had a slightly down swing to the strap, which seemed to have a different and more painful effect upon her. After giving her another 25 of the best with the strap I began to notice a little oozing of blood from a few spots on her ass. Therefore I decided we had done enough with the strap and the paddle.

Picking up my cane, which I know she hates, I commanded her to count to 50. Oh no please not 50 was her painful reply from the bench. Yes, 50 are yours and one more word other than a number after a stroke and it will be 75. Oh by the way if you lose count we will start all over, so you had better pay close attention to this punishment. I then adjusted her position on the bench so that I could get a better line of swing up into her ass with the cane.

My first stroke was a really nice swish follows a nice whacking sound followed by an agonizing scream followed by a loud moan. I watched as this really nice welt across both cheeks rose nicely on her ass. When she seemed to have calmed down and said one another stroke of equal severity followed. This procedure was repeated until all fifty strokes had been applied to her bottom. By the time I was finished she was moaning and sobbing very loudly. When I gave her ass a good slap with my hand she screamed loudly.

Wishing her to remember this lesson for a long time to come. I went and retrieved by new bottle of mint oil that I had bought on the recommendation of a friend of mine. This friend told me that this mint oil rubbed into thoroughly punished bottom would make the recipient swear their ass was on fire. As I proceeded to rub the oil into and over every inch of her ass the scream that came up from the spanking bench indicated that my friend had steered me in the right direction with oil.

I then place a towel over her ass to help hold in the heat and burning sensation. Stepping back to admire my handy work and listen contentedly to her screams and protestations of how her ass was burning, I felt thoroughly pleased with myself. Actually I had enjoyed applying this ass whipping to Michele so much that secretly I hoped she would be late again.

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.