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By Lordpeace
  She was afraid, she knew how much he treasured   his heritage; and she had done the unthinkable,   one of his treasures from the past;   irreplaceable, priceless in his sight,   she had destroyed.

  Her lord though normally a stern discplinarian;   was a loving master who delighted her so often.   Now she the good girl, the respectful slave;   had broken the trust he put in her.

  Given the care of those things dearest to his heart,   she had failed to be careful and destroyed   that which not only pleased him,   but sooothed his soul. The pottery vase was   an antique created by Cherokee who never   walked "the trail of tears".   She knew from lessons at his knee,   that this was a grievious time for his people;   as terrible a symbol of his native heritage,   as "the middle passage" was of his african heritage.

  Lynx cowered in the corner,   afraid to think of what was to come;   but knowing that she must endure   the punishment he would surely mete out.   Only once before during her training,   had he pushed her to the limits   from which even subspace did not promise respite.   She knew that though he would take no true   pleasure in it she would now know pain.   Sure, there had been spankings, paddles,   whips, and bindings;   but this "OH GOD" her heart thundered   as she wondered, how would he react?

  What would he do to this careless girl   who dared with her clumsy hands   to deprive him of something   that meant so much. She quivered in fright   as she awaited his return home.

  When the phone rang she had almost vomited,   she knew that no one else had that number   and that it was her lord calling   to tell her when to expect him.   She answered "yes milord" in a an almost   breathless whisper.   "Lynx dear, you sound out of breath;   I will be there in an hour; have the bath drawn."   he said; sounding so strange.   But it was her ears that heard the strangeness   his voice in truth was the same   deep, melodious sound it always was.

  She wanted to beg him to hurry home to   punish her for this, and have it over.   but she feared saying it,   feared telling him what had happened.   She wanted to occupy herself with   drawing his bath but it was still much too soon.

  Even with her guilt and fear eating at her;   the time went by quicker than she thought.   The doorbell rang; she couldnt keep the tears   from coursing silently down her face,   as she went to answer.   He stood in the door and looked at her,   head down, tears falling to the floor.   He strode into the room and took off his coat   picked up the drink she had prepared him,   sipped it then sat in his chair beckoning her   to him; she came and fell to the floor at his knees.   "Master, i broke it" she whispered.   His head came up and his stern eyes scoured the room   he saw where the missing piece should have been   "ahhh darling you have done it havent you" he said   and she sighed "yes milord i have"

  He reached down and cupped her chin,   "My darling this is where the next stage begins;   you will experience things you never have,   and reach limits you did not know existed;   but because of this, you must, and will endure.   Do you understand me dearest?" he asked   "Lift your head and answer"   "yes master" she was truly crying now   her breasts rose and fell with each sob.

  "Rise" he told her,   then grabbing the links dangling from her collar   he led her to the black door;   she shivered as he opened it,   a cool breeze came through and caressed her skin.   they descended the steps and he caught her hands   at the bottom cuffed her then pulled a blindfold   over her head. He then led her forward finally   saying "Stop here".   Her hands were raised above her head,   and chained to the pipe in the ceiling   forcing her to her toes. "OH!";she remarked.   She felt her ankles spread and chained;   she quivered, master had never gone this far before.

  She heard him step away, and then a whistling sound   in the air made her cheeks tense. She knew what   the sound was but didn't want to admit it.   "Dear, this will hurt, but it is for your own good"   her master said; then across her asscheeks,   the first blow came,hard on the heels   of the whistle of the woven switch,   "OH GOD, MASTER PLEASE";she screamed,   as she arced her back trying to get away from it.   Again the whistle, and again the fire across   her ass. She jumped in her bonds,   her ass wiggling as if that could ease the pain.   The tears were running down her face.   "PLEASE MASTER, PLEASE,   I WILL NOT BE CARELESS AGAIN", she cried.   "My dear I know" he replied sadly.   and brought switch across her ass again.

  Now the red welts stood up in relief against   her skin, each in a different spot;   none crossing the other.   Once again the switch struck,   she sobbed and hung against the restraints.   He tossed the switch aside and came up to her   kissing her gently, them taking a salve   he began to rub it onto her ass.   You will not sit easily tonight,   but this will keep the welts from breaking.   She whimpered as he worked the salve   into her cheeks, and begin to push her ass   back to the ministrations of his hands.

  She was growing extremely aroused   and wanted him and he knew it.   The sharpest of the pain was gone   leaving a red glow that intensified,   when she felt his cock brush   against her ass.   Whimpering "Master please"   she pushed here ass back at him;   "calmete darling" he said;   as he finished with the salve.   bending down he unhooked her legs   his beard whispering across her bare cunt   "ooohhhhhh" she said and pushed forward   but he had already straigthened   to release her hands. He led her a few steps   and put her hands on the arm of his big chair.

  He stepped up and let his cock, caress   her stinging cheeks. She wiggled her ass   until he slid between them, and eased   his hard cock into her dripping cunt.   He held one shoulder with one hand,   with the other he cupped her throat and chin.   She started fiercely fucking back   trying to gobble his cock   with her aching cunt; knowing he knew,   what she desired, needed, had to have.   As she peaked and felt him   start to throb and cum deep inside   she threw her head back and came   with a long sobbing moan,   His hand holding her throat gently   while her ass bucked against him.

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.