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Poetry: BDSM to me
By Slave gerry
i'm standing before a precipice, staring into Infinity.
Looking down, i can see the vegetation growing on the cliff.
my toes hanging over the edge.
Her only contact with me is Her hand on my shoulder.
With that hand, She pushes me forward.
But not further then i can take before i fall.
This is Trust.
my heart is beating a thousand times.
The taste of adrenaline on my tongue.
Thoughts flying through my mind.
And i know, i know.
i Trust Her, to take me to the edge, but never beyond what i can take.
To never let me fall, and to pull me back when i need.
She Trusts me, to let Her take me to that edge, to put my faith in Her.
And to ask for more.
It's the way i feel.

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© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.