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Poerty: I Weep For Her
By Slave gerry
A hard push.
A sting on my behind.
Air filling my lungs,
With my first breath
I weep for her.

Mother runs to me.
Past the toppled bike.
Rubbing my leg,
Holding me tight
She weeps for me.

Leaving for college.
On my own.
My own man.
But missing home.
I weep for her.

Start of a new life.
Full of pride.
No longer mother's little baby.
She weeps for me.

My first love.
Harsh words.
Broken trust.
Lonely night.
I weep for her.

Wedding day.
All in white.
Down the aisle.
Be mine tonight.
She weeps for me.

A hard push.
A sting on her behind.
Air filling her lungs,
With her first breath
We weep with her.

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