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A Slave's Response
By LadyRed's Slut
It was a few days after my Mistress first took me. That night was burned into my consciousness mind; something in me changed that night. I had always been devoted to my Mistress, appreciative of her eroticism, her creative Domination,her beauty-both physical and spiritual-but everything had changed that night. No, that's not completely true. I was transformed the time just before that.
But let me start at the beginning.
I first met LadyRed when Diane, my former submissive-turned-Dominant, brought her along one evening. Our relationship, with me as her Master, had reached its apex. I had therefore turned to exploring my submissive self. Diane relished seeing me on my knees that night, and teased me by sliding a finger inside of LadyRed. She then fed me the finger covered with LadyRed's juices; I fell in love immediately. LadyRed had what Diane could only imitate - a physical beauty, strength, and presence that made me melt at her feet. With the taste of her nectar, with her burning gaze that seared my soul, I was immediately enslaved. I spent that night licking her heels with intensity I had never felt before. I thought of her often after that night-always as her submissive. Always.
It was a long time before I knelt before LadyRed after that night. Maybe I was frightened; her hold on me was so powerful I feared I would lose myself in her. Finally one night we made a date to meet. That night my fears-and hopes-came to pass and my slow decent into slavery began in earnest.
"Hello LadyRed, it's good to see you again, you look as beautiful as I remember. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you."
"You're quite the flatterer, David. Is there truth behind your flattery?"
"Yes, oh yes Mistress."
"We'll see, let us begin."
She sat down crossing her beautiful legs, I served her a glass of wine and dropped to my knees. She sat there in silence for what seemed forever, I knelt with my eyes to the floor wondering what was wrong. She was teaching me patience, training me. The silence was painful; the fact that she sat so close to me but was so distant made me ache. Finally, she spoke. OK David, you've been a good boy, kneeling obediently for me. Here is your reward. With that she extended her foot toward me. I took it in both hands, caressing it, bowing my head, and kissing it slowly. I kissed it and felt the force of her being passing though me. I licked it and felt my force slipping out of me and into her. She was swallowing my soul up as I swallowed the grit of her shoe's soles.
Her shoes were clean, clean as only a slave's mouth can make them, she allowed me to remove them. I massaged her feet -the warmth of them warming me deep in my belly. I was lost in her. I kissed her stocking feet, sucked her manicured toes through the nylon. I drank in her force, replacing all that was me with her glory.
"Good boy, David. That's it, suck on my tired hot feet. Relish them; relish your place as my foot slave. Mmmmmmm, my boot licking, foot sucking little slave boy, you have no purpose in life except pleasuring me. With my head spinning and heart pounding she commanded me to stop. She ordered me to remove her nylons and bathe, then wipe, her bare feet. I couldn't get enough. She knew that if this was all I was ever allowed that I would be happy. Just licking her feet, cleaning her shoes, kneeling in submission in her presence was enough to make me feel what I ached to feel, her servant, her submissive."
Now, undress for me David, and we will explore further the depths of your sincerity, the levels of service you are capable of. I removed my clothing,fastened on my collar and returned to my knees. My cock was already swollen, my eyes hazed with passion. LadyRed stood and took up her crop, walking slowly around me, inspecting me. The smell of her perfume, mixed with the scent of leather, was intoxicating. She ran her crop over my shoulders down to my twitching cock. She slapped it and laughed at a grunt of pain followed by a moan of pleasure.
"You are such a dear little slave boy, David. Do you know why you have a cock at all? For my pleasure! Itºyouºhave no other purpose but to serve me, do you?"
"No other purpose, none but for your pleasure. No reason but to kneel before you. No nourishment but the nourishment I draw from you."
LadyRed grabbed my hair and pulled it to her.
"Lick your Mistress's ass, David. Taste the leather and imagine the time I may allow you to actually lick my ass without any barrier. Are you worthy of licking me clean, sucking on the asshole of a Goddess?"
I licked her ass, tasted the leather, and furiously hoped that I would indeed be deemed worthy of one day tasting her anus, of pushing my tongue up her puckered asshole. The crop came down on my back as I licked. Mistress knew I wasn't much of a pain slut, that I drew no real pleasure from it except that of serving her. She swatted me gently at first, just to get my attention, but soon the blows came down harder. She was quite adept with the crop, the leather tip stinging me, marking my back. I grimaced with each blow, but concentrated on kissing and licking her ass.
"Good boy," she said softly as she examined the markings on my skin. "You will come to love being beaten. You know you are worthless and therefore fair game for any sadistic impulses I may wish to explore. One day you will be totally mine, you will be my bitch, and you want that don't you?"
"Yes, of course, Mistress." But she could hear the terror in my voice. I knew she wanted to fuck me, to take my cherry, to exert complete dominance of me. In our conversations - the gift she allowed me to express my desires and reservations - I told her I was frightened of being penetrated, that it was too painful, that I found no physical pleasure in it. But I knew she wanted it, and she always gets what she wants in the end. She walked away from me repeating in a singsong tease. "One day you will be my bitch, your ass fucked, you ass my cunt to fill. One day, one day, one day soon." I could hear her undressing, hear her reaching into her bag of pleasure and torment for something. Coming up from behind me she grabbed my hair hard.
"You may be too much of a frightened little girl to give me your ass just yet but I know you are capable of being a little cock sucker!"
She shoved her strap-on into my mouth, teasing me, humping my face as she drove me deeper and deeper into sub space. "That's a good little bitch; suck your Lady's cock. I own you and you are just a slut boy. That's good, we'll get you a real cock one day soon, let you suck off guys for $5 a pop."
She pulled the cock out of my mouth and slapped me with it. Telling me what a cum-swallowing little bitch boy I was. She had me play with her balls while I sucked her. Commanding me to moan and slurp loudly as she fucked my face and laughed at my gagging. She only took it out to slap me with it or to have me beg to suck her cock more, to be her bitch. She took a pen from the table and held my face up. She wrote on me "Insert cock here," and "Deposit cum here" with arrows pointing to my mouth. She made me stare at myself in the mirror and whispered that soon I will be a complete slut; soon she will fuck my ass after I got her cock good and wet. I shuddered. I knew it was going to happen, I knew she owned me. It was only her patience that kept her from raping me right then and there. LadyRed stopped fucking my face and positioned me on all fours. "Should tonight be the night, slut? Should I fuck your virgin asshole tonight? Tell me. Do you want me to stick my cock in your ass now?" She was pushing the cock head against my hole. I shook and pleaded for her not to fuck me up the ass. At the same time I begged her to forgive me my cowardice, my disobedience. I pleaded for any substitute punishment. "Very well, bitch boy, stand up. You will get exactly what you asked for." LadyRed had me stand and reached into her bag. She took out nipple clamps and a ball gag. She fastened my wrist cuffs to the wall and shoved the gag in my mouth. "If you aren't sucking my cock or licking my ass we don't need your mouth. It is sealed." She pinched and pulled my nipples, preparing them for the clamps. If I'm not going to fuck your girly boy ass I will at least laugh while you squirm in pain. She fastened the clamps and secured them to my collar-any further movement of my head would only increase the pain. She laughed as she took out her favorite clothespins - specially tightened to grab tightly when applied - and laughed as I jerked with each one applied only to feel the nipple-clamps pull.
It was a vicious circle of pain-response-pain. She laughed at my pathetic helplessness. "You'll beg for me to fuck your ass, won't you slut, you'll plead to be my cunt." I was amazed at the intensity of the sensations. My Lady was being so creative, exerting so much effort. When I wasn't lost in the feelings I was overwhelmed by love for her. She turned me around and told me to stick out my ass. SWAT! SWAT! The crack of leather against my skin rang out in the room. "I own this ass, right? I can fuck it any time I please, right?"
I tried to nod "yes", I tried to declare my agreement, but the gag and the clamps made both near impossible. "Say it and I'll stop!" She knew I couldn't speak. It was a devilish game. "Come on slut, tell me! Nod yes, do something! Are you challenging my ownership?" I tried hard. My cries of "Yes, yes My Lady." were only incomprehensible garbles. "I'll slap your girly ass all night if you don't say it"
My ass was burning. I was miles away from everything I've ever known. The combination of her taunts, laughs, and the ass beating took me to a new level of servitude. I was transformed. She stopped beating me and examined her handiwork. My ass was deep red and welts had started to rise.
"Oh yes, you're going to carry this for a week at least! My what a pretty picture I've drawn on your slut ass." Her hand ran over my ass gently, soothingly. Her fingers ran up the crack and toyed with my asshole. "This is my asshole,slut. You will beg me to fuck you."
As she spoke she slid her finger inside me. You will cry for my cock to push up inside you, to use your boy cunt for my enjoyment. She was finger fucking my asshole now, whispering in my ear. "You are my bitch, you will never be complete unless I take you, till I replace this slender finger with a large cock, till I ride you, slapping your ass as I fuck you."
I was terrified of the thought, yet I knew she was right. She undid my gag, removed the clamps and clothespins from my body. She laughed with each grimace of pain followed by, "Thank you My Lady." She told me to go wait for her in the tub, where I would be allowed a soothing cool bath. I dropped to all fours to crawl off, stopping to kiss her feet in gratitude, tears welling up in my eyes.
I lay in the tub waiting. She came in and stood looking down at me, one more gift for my reluctant whore. She got up on the edge of the tub and straddled my face. I looked up at her beautiful pussy, longing to lick her to orgasm after orgasm. But she had something else in mind. She paused, and slowly at first, a steady stream of pee flowed over my body, in my face and mouth. "Now you are a piss slut as well. My girly bitch boy is a toilet. There is nothing left for you to protect, no humiliation left to avoid." She finished pissing on me and looked in my eyes, "I own all of you and I will have it all." With that she kissed me hard and deep, her piss mingling in our kiss. I was blown away. She would do that - kiss my pissed on mouth? I licked her pussy clean after that and she came on my face repeatedly. I bathed and crawled to the foot of her bed, exhausted. Before sleep over took me I realized I was changed. I would not have that last part of myself to myself much longer. I would give it to her as I have given everything else I am.
The next time LadyRed and I saw each other was the night described in A Slave's Reward. I am now her bitch in every, and any way, she desires me. How her clever and erotic mind has me be that slut bitch is a story for another time.

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.