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My Fantasy
By Bruce J
I found myself bent over a horse, my ass raised high for her easy access. The dildo had been slowly inserted into my tight ass. She had inserted it slowly either out of respect for her property or in an attempt to ease my discomfort. Naturally I hoped the care she had taken in putting the dildo up my ass was out of respect for my comfort. However I suspect it was out of concern for her dildo. After all break a nice dildo off in such a petite cute little ass. Although her method of insertion could have been to give her more time to savor my reaction to her shoving this dildo up my tight little ass.

Admittedly it was not a large dildo, but this was the first time I had ever been fucked up the ass, there I was completely unfamiliar with this scene. While a willing slave, old taboos die hard, coupled with an exceptionally sensitive anus made it a very difficult scene for me. My anatomy must have played a part, since I have a nice tight little ass hole. While this provided no additional risk it did make for a more expressive slave. Madam did not use a gag. She enjoyed the gasps, the moans, and the expression on my face. While indeed I found it erotic, my growing cock could not hide my excitement at being fucked up the ass by a pretty lady. While my dick was telling the world how happy I was my head or brain was finding all this very difficult to accept. How do I come to find myself so tightly bound and subject to this treatment and submission?

At first I was commanded to show the proper respect, to place a strap tightly around the base of my balls and a one spreading and distending my balls. Once I had completed her commands. She then proceeded to place a collar around my neck; two ties from the collar were fastened to each bedpost. The belt around my waist served as a tie-down restraint point to each bedside rail. My ankles were tied to a spreader bar. It was not widely set at first. There was a method to this madness. While I was to be restrained, the plan was based on leverage to get me in the optimum position. My wrists were nicely bound in basic leather restraints with an O-ring, which was used to clasp my wrists to my ankles. My arms ran along the outside of my body. But the effect was to pull my chest and shoulders into the bed.

Now, I was bound in a way that she had full access to me. I had no room to move. Twitch, moan, groan and cry yes, but escape, no, never. Now the devilish Domina had emerged. The spreader bar was adjustable. It was set at minimum spread to allow enough room to easily place me in this basic position. Slowly she began to increase the spread of my ankles. This provided her with a natural physical advantage; she was using my body as a lever against me. Damn, I was the engineer and she had read the works of Archimedes, "give me a lever long enough and I will mover the world." As my ankles were spread, it forced my chest deeper into the bed and my butt higher into the sky. I could feel my tendons and ligaments stretch like the string of a violin. She was tuning me like a violin. I only wonder if my voice pitch was increasing too.
As I thought she was done, I tried to relax. My eyes were closed for what was to happen next. I was prepared for the inevitable. Surprisingly, I was wrong. She clipped two ropes to my ankles and slid them through the ties on my waist belt. Slowly, she began to tighten the ropes between my waist and ankles. As the ropes tightened, it caused me to rock forward, my back to arch, and drive my ass upward - higher off the bed. Now I was prepared, stretched like a subject on an exam table, within easy reach, easy to observe and unable to squirm or escape, I had to take it, to accept it. This was an expression of her power.

Frankly, I would have bent over at her command, I would have grabbed my ankles, spread my cheeks and said "Ah". I would have done that as quickly and as easily as I might place her coat around her shoulders, to carry her bag, to respond to her simplest wish. But this was different, in the position I was placed I was at her mercy. As much as I wished to please, it was a struggle both to maintain the position and to accept what was to come. The position provided a level of uncertainly that I had not previous experienced. The fear was beginning to grip me.
As she binds me, my cock slowly grows in anticipation. Due to the restriction of the binds on my cock I have a nice strong erection. It feels good. My tendons were stretched until they sprang from my body. Tightened like a violin strings if I had been stroked I would have, played a tune at her command. I was completely restrained, completely and totally unable to move. Strangely, it did not hurt. I was not in any pain or discomfort. The fear too was removed by the trust she had instilled in me. The skills of her craft, her natural use of leverage to move my body in a way that achieved her purpose was simply astounding to me. Everything that was going on kept me from dwelling on her ultimate goal.
Once everything was completed, she stepped back to inspect her handy work. Each tie was tested each clip checked. As she checked, she moved her hand across my body feeling where I had been stretched to the limit, to feel where I was straining. She reached down to my cock, to see if it was at a sufficient level of attention. After a few nice strokes she moved backward to proceed. A dildo and strap on was placed in front of my eyes to see, to approve and desire. She asked me now, if I want, or did I need this cute little toy to fill me. Did I crave to serve her? Beg for it she quietly commanded; cry for it, tell me how you want it, need it.

I craved her service; I was overwhelmed by my desire and need to serve her. All my being was craving to do her bidding, to accept her dominance. I wanted her to fuck me with the dildo, to drive it into my ass, to fill and fulfill me. The idea of the dildo filling my ass, pushing up against my prostate had become a craving. Yet, she denied me. I was not ready yet; I was not properly warmed up! She took out a favorite crop and laid it beside me. Next came a nice red birch cane that gives a really intense sting and will leave the flesh the same color as the cane. Then there was my own gift to her, an Australian Kangaroo cat-of-nine tails. It had a nice little slap, a good bite and if desired a bite that cuts. It seems a nice warm ass, well paddled produced an easier entrance for the dildo. Slowly at first she used the cat, creating a nice figure eight pattern on my ass. It barely moved over the skin. Softly at first it just slides over my ass, telling me it was there. The birch cane was lifted from my sight. My ass tensed up in an anticipation of the impending blow. At the same time knowing that if she swings the cane now I will regret having tightened up my ass. Closing my eyes, I try to take a deep breath, trying to relax before the impending stroke.

Her hand gently slides across my back, down my spine to rest on my cheeks. Her hand was silent for only a moment. She then started to play with my flesh. Her fingers were twisting and probing. She was exploring my anus, to see how receptive, how tense, how willing it was in anticipation of her invasion. She asks what I crave? I cry that I crave to submit to her, to take the butt plug, to swallow her strap-on. I ask her to prepare my ass, to warm it with the cane, with the cat. "Please Ma_am, I only live to please you, I cry out. May I take the sting of your cane? Can I count the strokes for your pleasure." Again I repeat myself, please Ma_am. Please.

With the cane she slowly works up and down my buttock, first one cheek then the other, working one side then the other. With each crack, with each stroke I cry out with the count. I can no longer control my volume, sometime; my voice was only a whisper. I am asked to repeat the count. She gives me another stroke and again, tells me I must have missed that last one. So I count louder. Yet my mind begins to wander and I loose count. I am asking myself how many had it been, how many more were to be applied to my searing butt? With each stroke my body leaps but it has no place to go. My breathing had become rapid, shallow and raged. I am gasping with each stoke of her power. I alternated between a clinched mouth, my teeth closed tightly and a straining open mouth. My limits were fast approaching, but how soon, how much farther could I go was still unknown. Now, she places the cane by my side. I am amazed at how much pain can be inflicted with such a simple instrument. My breathing begins to return to a normal pattern as I begin to take deeper breaths. Her hand slowly runs up my arm and shoulder, her fingernails scraping a pattern into my flesh. Gently down my spine she drags her nails only to end it with a strong powerful slap against my cheek. She then pinches my cheek, digging in her fingernails as the twists my ass checks. It was an erotic bite that caused a groan and grimace; my right shoulder twists upward as I dig my head deeper into the bed.
She released me and I drop back down to my former position.

My eyes are still closed as I try to recover; I was unaware that she picked up the cat. Rapidly, she swings it. As it bites into my flesh, I cry out, "ahh shittt". That stroke surprisingly took me to my limit, and perhaps past it because I did not know if I could take another. Without question, a welt had formed on my ass. I still can imagine the skin having been cut. I have promised to lift my limits, to not use Chips and my protector and leave my trust with her. Still I did not know. Just let me endure this, just one more if I must, just let me endure the next, just one at a time without regard for what may follow. Just let me accept this. I trust her but it hurts so. Just let me endure one more. I could count but I did not know the count. Nor how high the numbers would go. Slowly, quietly she withdraws.

After an unknown amount time, she returns as quietly as she left. It_s cool, refreshing, soothing. It made me relax; I take deep breaths as she spreads a cool ointment between my cheeks. She took her time as I relaxed, as she slowly, quietly spreads a lubricant between my cheeks. I should be scared, nervous, but it so soothing. I sighed as she prepared me for her invasion of my ass. Slowly she proceeded, I was lubricated up well, but she also knew that a strong push was required. Even though my body had been prepared and ass tenderized. Still my ass was tight and could resists even with all the preparation. My body had just never done this before. But my fears turned out to be totally unfounded. First she inserted 1 finger up my butt then two fingers and finally three. All the time she was moving the fingers around inside of me she was stroking my really hard cock. She continued to stroke my cock as she removed her fingers from my ass hole. Almost as soon as the fingers were out I felt the butt plug being inserted. Much to my surprise there was very little pain or discomfort. It seemed almost like my ass ate the butt plug up.
Once the plug was fully inserted she dug her thumb deep into the head of my cock. The shift from pleasure to pain caught me completely by surprise as I screamed out in agony. It seemed like an eternity that her nail was digging into the head of my dick. When she released my dick from her grasp she said good boy you have done well and made me very much pleased with your behavior. Thus my fantasy has come alive on these pages.

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