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The Art of Sensual Female Dominance, Claudia Varrin
By Bruce J
It is a pleasure and honor that this slut sub was given the task to review the book "The Art of Sensual Female Dominance," by the lovely and gracious Domme, Claudia Varrin. The book is written as "A Guide for Women," but incorporates more than the technical how-to of domination and submission. Throughout the book, Claudia incorporates into the writing her personal experiences and philosophy to create a style that is both captivating and erotic. As I moved through the reading, it was clear that Claudia truly has fun as a Domme and that D/s - BDSM is about erotic enjoyment.

Claudia starts with a basic introduction for the uninitiated beginner. SM is a form of sexual expression, sexual magic as she aptly coins, not the better-known definition of sadomasochism. For many, the scene is a very powerful and hot form of foreplay. With that in mind it is easy to understand the common threats that binds the book together - safe, sane, consensual and fun. Throughout a key issue she stresses is honest and open communications - both with your partner and with yourself.

As the book progresses, she stresses prior proper planning as the basic foundation needed to achieve a true exchange of power. Claudia touches on the basics, basics that many experienced players take for granted - safe words, the attire, ambiance and atmosphere as the play partners create their individual personalities with and with-in the scene. This is clearly important for the novice but is valuable for the experienced player to revisit.

Claudia soon moves on to the basic forms of domination and techniques of play. This is where her experience both as a prodom and a lifestyle domme is used to effectively illustrate the techniques described. She covers the topics from bondage to humiliation and head games to water sports. Several times though out the book I came upon a topic where I said "no never, not me," but only to be panting in eager anticipation upon conclusion of the topic. One such breathless moment came wh en she discussed her first piss play with her partner Mickey. Oh sign me up! Whether you are a dom/domme or sub, this is scene I would suggest everyone to duplicate in his or her own style.

The book is not just about technique, but it is also about style. That is most clear when she talk about sensual aspects and slave/slut training. Training is about the mind and putting the sub into the place where total power exchange is possible. Here it is not about brut strength, but of the seduction of the will to resist. Through out the book Claudia uses her own experience as examples and as a guide.

As this is coming to a close, it is important to stress one final topic to which Claudia always returns - aftercare - sensual caring aftercare can not be ignored and only adds to the session. Furthermore, it adds to the power exchange of the scene and to the future.

As to the future, the rumor is out that Claudia Verrins1 second book is due out in early 2001.

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