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Bad Pick up Lines
By Sir Viktor
* I may not be the best looking dom here, but I'm the only one talking to you.

* What size is your neck-I want to make a collar just for you?

* That's not a paddle in my pants-I'm just pleased to meet yau.

* Let's go back to my place, and break in some paddles.

* What's a nice slut like you doing without a dom like me?

* I just broke up with a sub. I'd like you to replace her.

* You look like a healthy specimen all my other subs keep sending me their medical bills - would you be my sub.

* You look like a nice strong sub would you like to be my new sub. My old one just died and I need a hand carrying her body out of the dungeon

* I took my sub on a trip and forgot where I left her - would you like to be her replacement.

* I like unintelligent subs you're still talking to me would you like to be my sub.

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