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Dear Ms. Kinky
Dear Ms. Kinky,

My master enjoys giving me severe canings followed by either a large dildo or his large cock rammed up my ass. I find both this procedures to be very painful. Yet I want to please my master. Do you know anything I can do make these sessions more bearable or pleasurable for me?


Dear Painful:

Your master sound like an unkind/unfeeling asshole. Maybe you should look for a new Master. If anal sex is painful lube can make it more pleasurable-or working you up to the point of heighten arousal can also lessen the pain should you want to proceed. I think you should examine whether this is something you want if you do. This muscle is controlled by the mind, and emotions influence how tense it will be at any given time. Good fucking can't happen unless the anus is relaxed, and this may take some learning. I'd examine why I'd want to do this for someone who doesn't have my best interests at heart.

Have fun and play safe!

Ms Kinky

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