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Spanking-On the endangered list
Michael, the proprietor of Paddles, has been in the BDSM scene since the 1970's.
He opened his discussion by talking about how he got into spanking as a young impressionable boy. He wasn't sure how he really got into it, but immediately knew it was a pursuit he really enjoyed.

He stated that, spanking to him is like no other S&M activity, because he feels it is the closest physical relationship that exists in the scene. Both people are near each other, and touching constantly it is happening. Both the spanker and the spankee are simultaneously experiencing the same physical contact. This closeness he feels generates a certain bond between the spanker and spankee.

Michael described at one time, when people used to attend an S&M club, there were at least 6-8 spanking sessions going on at the same time. In the past decade, this form of play has disappeared from club arena of play.. He blames it mostly on "the egos" of dominants, because it's so much "cooler" to take a fancy whip, or an expensive cane, and show it off in the clubs. He used a lot of tongue n cheek antidotes to poke fun at this perceived phenomenon. This quips were extremely entertaining to the audience as the laughter indicated.

Michael is very passionate about the Art of Spanking and it's perceived decline in the public scene arena - hence the name of the topic, "Spanking-on the endangered list."

As the meeting progressed, a Master and a submissive came to the stage, to demonstrate the art of correct spanking. It was beautiful to see, the beautiful female submissive lay over the Master's lap, as he began spanking her lightly, and slowly progressed to heavier spanking. You could see the passion in their eyes, as this transpired.

After about 15 minutes into the scene, a very attractive Mistress took over, as the submissive went over her great looking legs. By this time, the sub was already warmed up. As the Mistress was spanking the submissive, you could see the pleasure the sub was having. She was close to Nirvana from all of this loving attention to her shapely by now bright red bottom. Lucky girl!

Michael is a terrific speaker, who explained that one should start spanking very slowly. It's advisable to let the skin sends messages to the brain, that hey, "were in danger." In return, the skin sends out the protectors, "the endorphins" to protect that area from getting hurt. After a while, all those endorphins flowing, makes the area numb, and the submissive cannot feel that you are actually spanking her hard. The endorphin flow actually turns all of this into a very erotic experience.

The audience asked questions many thought provoking questions. Thus another exciting meeting came to an end. Most of the attendees stayed behind for the rest of the evening motivated by the talk and the demo they played their proverbial butts off.

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