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Erotic Hot Wax
Sir Barry and Gina make a terrific couple. This writer has seen them on many occasions, and it's a pleasure to see such a special relationship within our community.
They brought with them a very creative idea for wax play. A crock pot. Yeah, the same crock pot our mom used to make delicious dinner in. They set it up before the meeting, so this way, they would not have to waste time, waiting for the candle wax to melt. Sir Barry, puts candles inside the crock pot, plugs the cord into the electric outlet, and sets the temperature to 110 degrees.

He says you can turn it on as high as 140 degrees, but not higher, as it can cause burns.
A bit about the crock pot later.

They began the meeting describing different types of candles. What candles to use, and what candles to avoid, and the proper distance to keep the candles away from the body, in order to avoid unnecessary burning.
The proper candles to use are paraffin candles, without dye. As they do not have ingredients, which may cause burns to the body.
The candles to avoid are they type that are known as bees wax, as they have a very high melting point, and hence can cause burns. Aromatic candles and Christmas type candles should be avoided for the same reasons their high heat melting points.

In order to play with wax, it is necessary to put down a couple of plastic cloths, since playing with candles can be very messy. Also, if one is playing with a hairy male, it would be wise to put some baby oil on the hairy portions of his body, so this way, the wax comes off without pulling he hair out of his body. Of coarse this step can be avoided if the top gets enjoyment from slowing pulling the wax and hair off, while listening the blood curdling screams.

Sir Barry said, that originally Gina wasn't into wax play. In fact she was afraid of it. These days, it has become one of her favorite activities.
Step by step they explained how to properly begin a hot wax scene.
First, plastic sheets were put on the bench that Gina was lying on. Underneath that bench, there was a plastic sheet as well.

Barry began dripping individual candles on Gina. It looked so erotic. Quite a few people in the audience had their blood pressure increase from watching dripping candle wax falling on this beautiful lady's gorgeous curvaceous body. Ah the mere thought of that sight still sends hot flashes through the writer's body. As she was stretched out, Sir Barry proceeded to drip candle wax on Gina's organ between her thighs. It looked so sexy, as Gina wiggled from pleasure.

Now we get back to the crock-pot. As the wax was melted by now inside the crock-pot, Sir Barry dipped in a ladle and filled it with wax. He then proceeded to put all of this on Gina's body, one drop at a time. It was splashing all over the body.

To top it off, Barry put on a vinyl see thru headgear on Gina's head, which covered the entire head area. He then made her sit up, and dipped into the crock-pot again, and began spilling the wax onto the vinyl headgear from the top. The wax was dripping over her head and face; yet, she only felt the warmth thru that vinyl mask.

It was the first time; most of the audience had an opportunity to witness such a display of wax play.
Sir Barry then proceeded to remove the wax from Gina's body, using his hands, and later 2 different knives, one resembling a small machete.

At the conclusion of the hot scene (on pun intended) the audience took advantage to ask many questions. Barry and Gina graciously answered them one by one. This another really great hot educational meeting at the DomSubFriends Society.

There were 90+ people in attendance. Most stayed at Paddles to play after the meeting concluded.

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