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Mistress Nona at Hellfire
By johnjohn
Whenever Mistress Nona makes one of her celebrated public appearances, expectations run high; and so it was on an October evening when she appeared at New York's famous Hellfire Club to demonstrate the fine points of Cock and Ball Torture, or "CBT" for the DommeSubFriends Group. This was a casual, "hands-on" occasion, and Mistress was dressed for her "command" role: her HotBoxx black tank shirt, army camouflage, and army boots.

From her many admirers, Mistress Nona had selected three slaves, who were more or less willing to attempt to submit to the tortures to come. First introduced was john, who it turned out is somewhat new at CBT, so Mistress vowed to be gentle; next, moshe, who has more experience and was eager to sample Mistress' electrical delights; and finally slave ray, who Mistress announced with pride has been under training for two years, and whom she has brought to the highest levels of tolerance and obedience. The audience paid rapt attention as each of the slaves undressed, to display their gleaming, shaved genitals, "All ready for dinner," as Mistress put it.

After the usual pleasantries, Mistress Nona plunged into her work with a relish. She pointed out how important it is to assess the "target", so as not to cause unintentional pain, or injury. For this, she said, "My hands are my favorite implement! Asking neophyte john to step forward, she commanded him to place his hands behind his back, so as not to hinder Mistress's work. Grabbing john's cock and balls, she showed how to pull, to stretch, and to twist his "package," "Twist, like a baker!" she chortled. John showed evident discomfort, and not a little fear, but he made it through unscathed, apparently. Next Mistress took some pretty red cord and demonstrated how to make a "ball separator," which tightly constrains the cock and balls, and separates and spreads the balls too. "It's Christmas!" she crowed, and indeed, the package looked very pretty.

Next to experience rope bondage was slave moshe; this time, Mistress Nona used a different sort of bondage, again using the pretty red cord. She demonstrated how to anchor the rope around moshe's balls, and then she proceeded to wrap his cock tightly, eight or nine times. "Breathe!" she commanded, for this trick has a sudden ending: with a strong pull, Mistress unwound moshe's cock, and it gyrated madly in circles, like a pinwheel! Moshe took this well, emitting only a loud "Aaaaah!" as Mistress took total control of his cock. "You have to be careful," Mistress Nona noted, "this can leave rope burns." Just in case anyone missed it, Mistress repeated the trick, and again, moshe's dick flew through the air, like a pinwheel, but totally controlled by Mistress Nona.

Even though the male genitals seem delicate, they can take a lot; one way to test them is by hanging weights from them! Some can take as much as fifty pounds! But how to attach the weights? Mistress Nona had a number of techniques in her repertory. The most obvious way is with a commercial parachute harness; she demonstrated one on slave john. She attached several pretty weights to john's harness; the weights, it develops, were made by ray for Mistress, using fishing weights and red tool dip. John said he has taken quite a few pounds, so this was no challenge for him. But, warned Mistress Nona, "Those parachute harnesses always fall off. " She proceeded to demonstrate several better ways.

Slave moshe came forward to experience ball weights at Mistress' capable hands. Instead of a commercial harness, Mistress demonstrated how to make one on the spot from her stock of elegant red cord. The problem, she said, is that "The balls are shy; they try to go into hiding, and slip through the harness." Then, unfortunately, "Bang! Go the weights on the floor, and the next thing you hear is my neighbor downstairs, banging on the ceiling with her broom!" Moshe and john walked around, gingerly demonstrating to the audience the weights now hanging from their equipment.

But the most fun way of all to do ball weights was reserved for slave ray. Mistress now demonstrated the most secure way of all to hang weights: clamp medical forceps to the scrotum! She has some nice, rubber tipped ones; soon, Ray was standing with eight or nine forceps clamped to his scrotum, and when the weights were added to each, ray became the latest Christmas tree! The audience came up to look at the sight, and then came the best of all: taking off the clamps! Ray was brave, but it's clear that this is the toughest part of the experience. "To be really sadistic," Mistress Nona chortled, "you take off two at once!" And she did so. Asked his opinion of the forceps, ray said, "They're more severe than clothespins, but I've worn them up to an hour. And I'd rather wear them an hour, than take them off!" Becoming a bit more serious, Mistress Nona noted that, while "I'm a sadist; this makes my pussy wet!" she engages in different levels of play with her personal slave, compared to casual friends and clients, where limits are carefully respected. But one thing is always constant: Mistress Nona will do "Your scene, but I do it my way!"

Once the forceps are all in place, other play is possible: Mistress next looped some of her red cord through all the forceps handles, commanded slave ray to bow his head, and jerked upward on the cord, commanding ray to take it in his mouth! Now told to lift his head, ray pulled the entire "Christmas Tree" upwards, till his cock and balls reached skyward, along with all the "ornament" weights! An awesome sight, for sure!

The coated, red lead weights are pretty, but not necessary; slave john was called forward to experience an alternate method. Tied to his balls was a bucket, which Mistress filled with water! Commanded to walk without spilling a drop, slave john failed miserably. Threatened with punishment with an electrical device used by chiropractors, john begged off - an electrical engineer, he has learned to stay far from "juice" - and Mistress mercifully granted his wish, calling moshe forward instead to experience this mild form of stimulation, which even though mild made moshe jump a bit!

There are all sorts of CBT possible, and some take more time than others; Mistress Nona could only talk about the delights of scrotal infusion, in which sterile saline solution is injected into the scrotum, creating two large oranges! Once ray had this done, and in a supermarket, the liter of saline began to leak out! The slave had to beat a hasty retreat; to everyone it looked as if he had wet his pants for sure!

Now it was time for the main event; slave ray was called to center stage, to show what he could endure. First a "warmup" with a medium-weight flogger, on his thighs, cock and balls! "Ooooh!" moaned a female onlooker, which drew Mistress Nona's attention: "What's the matter? You don't even have balls!" Warmup done, it was time for more serious work - with a single-tail whip! Slave ray was commanded to "call the shots," and, while trying to maintain his composure, he did so: "Shaft!" "Balls!" "Leg!" "Oooh - Head!" "Aaargh! Pubis!" Ray is tough, but this was quite a test; Mistress Nona got even more excited: "I need a panty shield!" The audience filed by to see the marks, notably left by the single-tail on his thighs and cock: long, red stripes. Meanwhile, Mistress Nona discoursed on how she trained slave ray: "They need pleasure with the pain, so they can take more!"

With slave ray well warmed up, Mistress Nona decided to demonstrate her amazing HotBoxx electrical play toy. The HotBoxx has three independent channels, so slave moshe was invited back to join in the fun; the HotBoxx can easily control two or even three slaves at once, with only one hand needed by the operator! First, Mistress introduces moshe to this new form of pleasure and torture, by putting an electrical strap around the base of his cock. "Can you feel anything? Now? Now?" Mistress challenges him, "Basically this is a TENS unit, a pain suppressor; we just use it a little differently!" Moshe gets a second strap around his cock, for the second HotBoxx channel. Meanwhile, ray gets a flexible strap around the base of his scrotum and the head of his cock. "Can you take Channel 3, the Punishment Channel? Good!" Mistress Nona explains how the HotBoxx is designed "By perverts, for perverts," and how it has many modes and strengths of operation. Frequency and intensity is individually selectable for each channel; or, switching modes can be controlled for all the channels simultaneously. So one slave can be tortured while another gets infinite pleasure! All through the miracle of state-of-the-art electronics, it seems. Mistress shows how LED's indicate as each slave gets stimulated - the lights flash! And the cocks jump! Music to her ears. "I'll take you up, ray!" and his cock jumps higher. Mistress Nona muses on all the adapters available, "Fuck one anally, another slave vaginally - there's no limit to what can be done!" Moshe gets pads on each ball to stimulate him in a different way. "Ray's flying - I love it!" enthuses Mistress Nona.

With slave ray reclined on a medical exam table, Mistress Nona could not resist playing with him a bit more. Out came her Sounds, medical instruments used to probe the urethra. Using surgical lube to ease the passage, a most alarming metal tube - the Sound - was allowed to slide its way deep into slave ray's dick. Now he was truly fucked, in his cock Mistress next picked up her large vibrator, and applied it to the inserted sound! With the combination of sound, vibrator, and HotBoxx, she proclaimed, incredible orgasms could be induced, all under Mistress's control of course!

Needle play is another way to torture the male genitalia, so Mistress Nona quickly showed how to create a "crown of thorns" on slave ray's cock. Taking a hypodermic needle in her hand, she grabbed ray's cock and inserted it parallel to the shaft, through the skin near the head, but not deeply. Mistress can be so merciful! Needle followed needle, until ray's cock head was adorned with 13 - a baker's dozen for him! The audience filed by to inspect the pretty effect. Ray reported that it's a sensual, erotic feeling; and after the needles are in, it's almost painless. Of course, they do have to come out, and that's another story!

Finally time was running short, and Mistress Nona had time for only one more trick: the toilet seat! This is something you can do at home, apparently, provided you have indoor plumbing! Slave moshe was called forth, and he was commanded to lay his dick on the toilet seat! Mistress Nona then closed the cover on the hapless organ, and applied pressure, first with her foot, and then with her entire body! Poor moshe's organ was incredibly squashed between the seat and the cover, and his distress was evident. Finally released, poor moshe was relieved to find that his cock was still there after all! Perhaps he will remember this experience whenever he sees a toilet; and it will certainly remind him to put the seat down!

There was time for a few questions and answers, including the ability of slaves to jerk off after CBT; Mistress Nona reported that slave ray has no problems at all in that area, and even has developed a callous in the appropriate place on his dick! A round of applause, and Mistress Nona and slave ray went off into the night, no doubt further to carry on their scientific research into cock and ball torture!

An amazing night, yet another amazing lecture and demo. All quite typical, when Mistress Nona is appearing!

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.