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The Contract, Sarah Fisher
By Mary
Emily Lawrence upon learning of the supposed death of her fiancÚ Peter Howard is summoned by the demonic Roderick Banyon. He shows her the financial mess that she has acquired through Peter's death. There is absolutely no way that she can repay this money to him. He puts to her that if she does not repay the money owed to him, that he will take her parents home, and leave them out in the cold. Emily is horrified to say the least. He gives her a way out of this mess. She must sign a contract of servitude for one of his many clubs for a year. And this debt to him will be paid in full. She then resigns herself to this fact, and signs the contract. Will she be able to make it through this year or not? How will she ever get herself out of this mess? Or will she find the torment that she must adhere to fill a craving that lurks deep inside her? This story is filled to the brim with BDSM, and D/s. Added to the mix is obviously blackmail, humiliation, forced sexual servitude. A truly must read if this type of fantasy is up your alley.

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