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Masters of the Club, Lizbeth Dusseau
By Mary
Gillian Brahms while staying at Kate McPherson's apartment accidentally discovers a diary of Kate's detailing her membership into an exclusive club. The Masters Club. Kate in this club is a sexual submissive to the many members of this prestigious club. Many of it's members are high powered attorneys. And the head of this club is named Mike Bellamy who is one of the clubs most accomplished dominants. Gillian is determined to become the club's newest submissive. For Kate's diary sparks her own sexual desires and lust. She contacts Mike Bellamy to begin the process of initiation and is put through the initiation process. But poor Kate is then placed on probation for writing her thoughts down in this diary. For this club is highly secretive. How will both women handle their treatment at the hands of these extremely accomplished dominants? Will one succeed while the other fails? Who knows! This book is chocked full with extreme forms of play. Scenes that include vivid exhibitionism, semi-public sex, piercing, spanking, bondage, and anal play. A great mix to stir the desires that lurk in you.

Pink Flamingo Publications.

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