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Kiss of the Singletail
By SirMike
She never knew what it was like. Oh she had heard about it, but what is it about the whip that makes her body shake? Understanding is not easy to come by, it is more of an abandonment of herself to its sting. That headspace which defies all intelligent thought, even now is starting to take over her mind. Her body craves what others might run from. "Why am I doing this?" She thinks. She knows there will be marks on her body, long red welts which will linger for a while, days maybe. Stinging marks. However she drives towards his hand without a thought of turning around.

Walking into the room they make eye contact. She automatically looks at his feet knowing the power he has over her. Knowing how she is about to surrender to his hand and whip. A kiss on the head and she is his. He hugs her and strokes her back to relax what cannot be relaxed. The thought of the whip is filling her mind and body. She starts to shake as he runs his hand over her spine and neck. With the caress of a lover he guides her to the post.

Holding her firmly he spins her around to face the object of her bindings. Raising her hands above her head he kisses her neck and feels her fear. Tying her hands in bindings, which she cannot release herself from. She is standing facing the post with a fear that makes her start to sweat. All the better for the whip. See the sweat will make it stick a bit better and cause the welts to rise faster.

Suddenly she feels alone. His hands have left her body. Silence fills the room as she hears some shuffling behind her. Hands touch her head as he wraps a bandanna around her eyes and ties it firmly. Again his hands are removed from her skin. Then with the shock of a bolt of lightning, a cold metal is felt on her back. It seems large and hard. A ripping sound can be heard as the metal cuts through the silky dress she had bought to impress him. It is a sexy number with spaghetti straps over the shoulder and a deep sloping back. So deep is the slope that the top of her buttocks shows when she leans just right. She thought it would turn him on. Well it does turn him on. Even more so while he slices it off her body with his eight-inch dagger. He doesn't just cut it off, no with a mythical rhythm he moves from her back to her sides to her breasts and cuts long rips from her neck to her ass, from her breasts to her pussy. Exposing her slowly and seductively. She had thought all she was going to do was be whipped, this was so much more of a power game, but was it a game?

Again she is left the feel only the air on her body. She feels a light breeze from the heater in the room. Though she doesn't need any added heat, she is starting to feel moistness between her legs. Involuntary muscle twitches begin to spread in her legs. Her thighs start to quiver in anticipation of what is to come.

Suddenly a crack is heard from the singletail. "Oh no" she thinks, it is about to start. Another crack and she feels the silky garment she has on begin to fall in slices from her body, exposing her skin to the tail. Little by little with each unraveling of the leather whip her dress is cut to pieces from her body. The whip has not touched her skin; there is no pain yet. She thinks, though, with the power to cut her dress to little slivers of it's original self, "what will this do to my skin?" Lovely skin it is too. White and virgin like never to have been touched by the leather of the whip. In a short time she is left with nothing but a shell of a dress. She is exposed and now feels the heat on most of her body. She feels a pause in the whipping. His warm breath is felt on her back, then with the quickness of a snake attack, his hands make short work of what is left of the dress. She pants and lets out a sigh as she realizes she is naked except for her thong and shoes. She feels his hands touching her ass and sliding under her thong. He pulls it down to her ankles as he kisses her warm ass. She willingly lifts her legs to free the thong. She wants to give all of herself to him. She wants to touch him too but her hands are restrained. He wants to cause her to change under his touch.

It is time, time to feel what she had only dreamed of till now. She has no way to stop now. She is completely overcome by the thought of what he is about to do to her body. As he moves to judge his distance she shakes uncontrollably. A loud crack and then just a purr. The tail is gliding through the air just licking her skin. It doesn't even hurt; it is like a feather across her back. She thinks for a moment, "What was I afraid of? Is this all there is?" Just then one swing of the tail hits her hard on her ass cheek. It is like a electric shock and then it subsides. Again another shock and another and another, it is stinging but welcome. It is what she wanted. More and more the stings begin to intensify and now are coming more rapidly. The thought "Can I take this?" runs through her mind. Time and time again the whip cuts into her ass, both cheeks are now starting to feel warm. The pain is growing inside her. Her mind starts to wonder from what is happening and more to what she is feeling. She longs for a break or something to give her a chance to collect herself. It never comes. She is starting to go with it and enjoy this pain. The warm spot between her legs is growing in it's wetness. She feels her womanhood dripping with excitement at her predicament. Then it stops. Silence. All that is heard is the panting and beating of her heart. "Is it over" she thinks. Then, without warning, no sound at all, a crack on her back, which starts at her shoulders and ends at the crack of her ass. A rush of pain she has never felt, she never expected, she didn't know she could take, moves through her body and causes her knees to buckle. Her weight is bourn by the ropes around her hands as she struggles to come to some sort of understanding of what just happened. Just as she regains some control and stands up again, crack, again it covers her entire back. Knees go again and she moans loudly and begins to whimper. Tears are starting to flow over her sweaty cheeks. Again it comes a pain so sharp she cannot describe it. The welts are growing like a beautiful Chinese fan on her back. She tastes the salt in her mouth. Then she feels him. She feels his warm body behind her, though blindfolded she knows the look in his eyes. She knows his satisfaction at her surrender. His had slides up from her ass to her stomach, he reaches to caress her breasts from behind. Then he turns her around. She feels her arms being strained behind her head as he licks the tears from her face and kisses her neck. She is lost in emotion and lust. She wants to touch him, again she can't.

As this scene is growing in its emotional and spiritual depth, it is far from over. She thinks it is over but she will soon learn what a single tail can really do. As he moves away again she shudders. She is trying to stand still but she has lost control. Her wetness is running down her legs as she waits to feel the sting on her virgin skin. Then something she didn't expect, the tail grazes her eyes. She feels it as it passes through her hair and face. It doesn't hurt but she freezes in her skin, as she knows the power of this implement as it delicately massages her face and hair. "My God" is all she can think of. How could something that buckled her knees so gently caress her face? Then it happens, a slice hits her right breast and the backhand slices her left. As soon as she knows the pain it happens again and again. She starts to quiver again thinking of what this will do to her nipples if it hits there. Then it does. Both nipples are under attack of this leather singletail. It feels heavy as it causes her breasts to shake each time it makes contact. More and more again and again constant pressure of the tail as it whips her into another place now. Lost in the feelings she is having she stands taking it all. Then it stops and she is alarmed, "Is it over, I want more" then the tail wraps around her left ankle, then her left cafe, again up to her thigh, now the other thigh, cafe and ankle. Over and over she feels her legs receive their welts. Then another pause and crack a burning between her legs. The tail has touched the most private parts of her womanhood. Again it stings her pussy, then the sides of her labia. Then the clit, it is so hard it burns when it is touched. The feeling of letting go runs around her body like a demon possessing her. She knows nothing now but her urges to release her lust. Crack. Crack the sound is defining. Crack on the clit again. That's it she can't take it anymore. He knows her limits by seeing the reactions of her body. She is at the pinnacle of her limits and he knows it. He stops and places his hand on her warm wet womanhood. The pressure feels good while it also hurts from the sting of the tail. She pushes into his touch till she is humping his had for all it is worth. He places his fingers around her swollen clit and squeezes it gently as his other hand mixes with the softness and sweat of her breasts. She is his. She melts and releases everything she has left. Her body feels like it has been ripped to pieces from the inside. Flames of pain flush every bit of self control from her and she shudders to a point where she is lost in the feelings of lust and pain, both feel good.

As she weakens and begins to fall from her ability to hold herself up he releases her hands. She is guided to the floor by his strong hands. As she goes down she grabs his legs to guide her. Hugging and kissing his legs she rests on the floor. She is satisfied to her bones, the warm marks sooth her. She thinks of nothing because she can't. She is completely wiped out. All she can do is be there. Sweat drips from her skin, her pussy is a flowing river of contentment, and her mind is blown. She wants for nothing but his touch. He pats her head as she strives to regain some sort of semblance. It will be a while. She is changed forever. Nothing will ever be the same now that she has delved into the dark recesses of her lust. It has only just begun.

As morning comes and the soft light of the sun pierces the window shades, she opens her eyes and sees only him. Today the mundane things of life must go on. He isn't there but she feels him and sees him in her mind. What she feels are the ripples of welts around her body. Little fires burn all around her. As she rolls over to get out of bed a burning between her legs startles her. She falls back under the covers to relive the pleasures she experienced the night before under his control. It is the remnants of last night. Of the sick lust craving thing she did. Had her mother seen her she would have called the police.

"How did I let that happen? Why did I let that happen?" It isn't an easy answer to come by today, last night she was his, but today? All kinds of guilt are passing through her mind, items which she never thought of yesterday. "How am I going to go to the gym today?" If people see her she is going to be so embarrassed, she can't even wear a skirt, her legs are wrapped in welts. "What did I get myself into here?" Though she is in pain, though she struggles with the thoughts of what is today going to be, she remembers his fingers on her pussy. She remembers his breath on her neck and breasts, she remembers the cataclysmic orgasm she had last night and wants to feel it again.

Her hand slides under the covers and touches so gently the slit between her legs, it is dripping again even though it hurts. It is like she never stopped cuming from the events of the night before. She thinks of the dress falling to the floor, the hands holding her ass. Then the pain reminds her of the whip, that long phallic symbol that cut through her dress, skin and heart last night. She rubs quicker now and feels the lust of the night before returning and building inside her body till it releases from her like a geyser and wets the entire bed and her hands. Oh it is so deep and satisfying. The day calls her to action. She must compose herself despite her wanting to be ravished again and again. She gets her ass into the shower for she is late for work now. As the water flows the pain is amplified again. The water stings every welt and bruise. The water between her legs hurts more then the whip last night, but she loves it.

How is she going to deal with the normal workweek, knowing if she chooses, this can all be repeated next weekend at his hand? Somehow she must find a way. Things have changed. Life is different now. Since she surrendered to his touch last night, something came out of her she didn't know was there. A dark side which, causes her mind to wonder from everyday life now. It is dirty a little, naughty and sleazy in a way. Something, though which she now craves more then anything she ever has.

The day goes by in slow motion. From her ride to work in the car, the leather seats in her car press on the welts on her ass that are now becoming itchy and sore. Her legs don't hurt as much now but the marks are still there. Thankfully she had a nice pants suit to wear and a turtle neck sweater to hide her lustful evening excursion of the night before. She will skip the gym tonight, telling her friends there she isn't feeling very well. This is far from the truth. She feels fine; as a matter of fact she has not felt so good in a long time. She wants to do it again.

By the third day after, she notices only slight marks remain on her ass. This she can hide easily. Outwardly she is acting normal to her co-workers but inside she is a bit fearful however, lusting for the night when it can all be repeated with him.

Friday comes; she is excited thinking of the arrangements she has made with him to meet at a club around 10:00pm. Well she thinks she knows what it is going to be like. She has fantasized about this all week. The day has finally arrived. She cannot keep her mind on work but she must so she can get home in time to adorn herself for the evening's scene. She has masturbated almost every day since the last time, not able to fill the need in her loins. Tonight it will be taken care of by him. She can't wait.

After a dinner at home she dresses in her best leather pants and a gold halter-top, a metallic material that shows off her free hanging breasts. The feel of the garment keeps her nipples hard all the time. "He will enjoy this outfit I am sure." Spiked heals about 4 inches make her ass perk up. She looks at herself in a full-length mirror and admires what she has built for his gratification. Rubbing her hands down her sides she admires the curves of her ass and thighs and breasts. After fixing her makeup and spraying on some seductive Musk perfume, she heads towards the door. As her hand grabs the doorknob, a chill covers her from head to toe. She remembers the pain, she stops in her tracks, "Do I really want to do this?" She opens the door.

The club is dimly lit. Many people are already there. The sounds of spanking, flogging, caning and whips fill the air. It is so erotic to know so many people are subjecting themselves to what she thought was just a sick desire she had. Her upbringing told her everything about this was wrong, but she felt the warmth begin to build between her legs that confirmed to her, this is where I need to be. She walked around staying close to the walls. Timid of the actions going on around her. Into the back room she ventured, he told her to meet him there. It seemed darker then the rest of the club, except for a spot light in the center of the room shining onto a bench of some sort. People are all around but she doesn't see him. Little did she know he has been watching her since she checked her coat at the entrance. He steps up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders. She jumps in fear, he leans into her naked back and whispers into her ears, "It's me, I'm here, relax, I have you covered, you smell nice" He kisses the back of her neck and slides his hands down her arms giving her a warm hug. She is ready to melt; this is just the start of what will be another memorable night.

His hands feel so warm on her arms. She is feeling a bit safer now that he has found her. He is breathing heavy; she knows the musk and her outfit contribute to his excitement. Little does she know it is what he is thinking about what he is going to do to her tonight that fuel his lust. For she thinks she knows now what the singletail can do but she has only seen the surface of its ability.

As the caress of his hands becomes firmer, she rests in his arms. Like a dear in the headlights she stands waiting for what will come next. She is a blank slate, a pile of clay waiting for the artist’s hand to mold. He lifts her long auburn hair off her back and blows lightly on her spine up to the back of her head. This feels so soothing to her. She almost falls back so his lips would touch her skin. She is so excited. Next he takes his well-manicured fingernails and starts to run in lovely curves down her naked back. Trails of red follow his fingertips. Goose bumps cover her body in anticipation of what is to come.

Now he backs away. She knows something is going to happen, what she isn't sure. There are many people around watching her; fear starts to well up inside her. All of a sudden, she feels soft fur on her back. This is new to her, soft and smooth it runs up and down her back. She likes this. He reaches around her and hugs her feeling her erect nipples through her flimsy blouse. He guides her towards the bench, the only place in the room that is well lit. She knows now she is the object of everyone's attention. About thirty people are starring at her body. She stands facing him and the crowd. He reaches to the zipper on the side of her form fitting leather pants and glides it down to its bottom. Gently he caresses her ass and slides down the body-shaping garment. She is becoming very excited as she sees everyone looking at the red see through thong she has worn for his pleasure. He pussy lips have swollen from the excitement of this event. Something inside loves the fact that she is exposed to this throng of voyeurs. She knows she is going to be whipped in front of all these people and it pushes her limits to know this. Willingly she lifts her feet one at a time to free he pants. He stands in front of her now feeling her breasts and feeling her warmth between her legs. She is starting to fly as he unties the little bow behind her neck. The halter drops to her waist now and exposes her firm and full tits. He pinches her nipples causing the to grow even more. The tips of the nipples are standing at attention about an inch from the areola. Taking a chain from his bag he walks over to her and firmly places two clover clamps on the erect tips of her nipples. The pain is hard to take. She whimpers from the pain which is unrelenting. the chain looks nice though when she moves and it glimmers in the light.

Next he introduces to this scene a pair of leather cuffs. He places them around her ankles. She wonders what these will be attached to. A rope is taken out of the bag next, she is ordered to turn around and place her hands behind her head. Tying both wrists together behind her head she is stretched out for him to admire. Both hands above her head, this seems familiar to her. Then he tells her to sit on the bench in front of her and face him. For the first time she notices a steel cable above her head. Centered perfectly in the light. Now her pulls it lower, down to her feet. He takes the cable and fastens it securely to her ankle cuffs. Sitting there she is suddenly aware of what he is about to do. This is new; "Oh my God" is all she can think of as the cable is wound onto its reel. It becomes tight and starts to lift her legs up in the air. He tells he to lie back and relax. She feels so vulnerable now. Hands tied feet bound and she is starting to be lifted so she is hanging completely upside down. She starts to shake which is her tell that he is getting to her. She is loosing complete control of her body and is starting to fear every wind of the cable. Then she feels the pain on her tits. The chain is pulling to opposite way from how it was places on her nipples. She starts to cry, she sees everyone watching her and is so afraid she can't help but sob out loud.

Like a side of beef she hangs for everyone to see. He didn't use a blindfold this time. He wants her to feel the 30 pairs of eyes on her body. She is in a position where she can be spun around in circles to expose her from every angle. He takes the rope on her arms and ties it to a hold down on the floor. Now she is stretched to her limits. She feels the joints in her arms and legs being shown their limits. Limits she didn't know she had.

Now he grabs the item she has been waiting for. The whip. That four-foot long evil device he uses so artfully. It starts to swing from side to side. Not hitting her yet but she is shaking uncontrollably already. She knows (or thinks she does) what this will feel like. As the first strike hits her belly she feels a warm and friendly feeling. Again and again back and forth it cuts into her belly and reddens her skin till it is almost bleeding. She starts to fly even higher now. Then the whip starts to lower, it is licking at the bottom of her breasts, it is harder now and she strains against her bonds. Blood is rushing to her head and she is feeling warm all over. She is getting to a point that the pain is so intense she would pass out if she was standing, however since she is upside down her body can't escape because of the blood rushing to her head. She screams in pain as the whip strikes closer and closer to the clover clamps which seem to be pinching harder and harder on her delicate nipples. She begs to have them removed. She hasn't a clue what she is asking for. He knows. He stops the tail for a moment and walks over to her. She wants to hold him close but is denied by her bonds. He asks "Are you sure you want me to remove the clamps?" "Please Sir I can't take them anymore, please please take them off." Her words are interrupted by her sighs. The tears are running up her cheeks and she is in more pain then she has ever felt, she thinks.

He squats down in front of her, he gently runs his hands over her naked body, and through the pain she is very excited too. He feels the thong between her legs and feels how moist it is. Dipping his hand under the thong he touches her wetness and covers his fingers in her lust. Bringing them out wet and slippery he places them at her mouth, "Taste yourself my dear." he says to his victim. She opens her mouth and licks the juices of her lust off his fingers. As a reward for her obedience her reaches for the clamp on her right breast. With a quick sudden pull he removes the clamp from her nipple. Her whole body arches in pain and she screams as loudly as she ever has at the pain of the blood rushing into the compressed pink skin of her nipple. She screams again as the blood slowly fills the capillaries of her tits. She is lost in light and delirious with the pain of it all. She has forgotten all about the people watching with their lust for her. She wishes she would pass out but can't. "Now for the other one" he says. This time he tells her he will pull it off at the count of three. She isn't ready for this but she doesn't have a choice. One, two, three and he gently squeezes the clamp and slowly relives the pressure on her breast. This is not a welcome release. This hurts more, and then he grabs the swollen nipple between his fingers and starts to massage it, which sends instant waves of pain all the way to her toes, which are high above her head. She is seeing stars. The pain is indescribable.

She is quivering uncontrollably again. He walks away and cracks. She hears the tail again. Crack, so loud that it muffles her sobs. He starts where he left off, right on the bottom of her tits. Then lower to the nipples. She is struggling to try to move away from this unrelenting attack. She can't get away but she knew that. She needs to get control. She needs to feel this is a willing thing she is giving in to. Then the endorphins begin to flow. She enters a place where the pain isn't pain anymore; she likes it more now. She is in the zone. Her body no longer is shaking. She stops crying too. She just wants to take it all in. This is where he wanted her from the start. Now he can let go and really work her skin to a nice pink glow. He turns her around so her ass is now facing him.

The tail starts to crack on the back of her thighs. Her ass is his to tune up. He hits her harder and harder. The welts are growing in size and color. They are redder then anything she has ever taken. The whole of her ass now is red, almost to the point of drawing blood at some of the cross over marks. Sweat is dripping from her ass and it makes the little droplets of blood look worse then they are. The crowd is watching and enjoying it fully. At this point she is a picture of contentment. She is no longer thinking at all, she is lost somewhere between la la land and hell. He isn't finished with her yet though.

Stopping now her rubs her down with the rabbit fur he keeps close to him when whipping someone. She hangs there limp, eyes closed and flying. feeling the fur she sighs in relief. As she opens her eyes she sees something she didn't expect. Long lovely shapely stocking clad legs right in front of her. She has been curious about he bi sexual side but never tried anything. Here was a woman standing in front of her as she hung there naked. She used every ounce of strength she had left to try to look up. There before her eyes she saw a lovely blond with the fur in her hands gliding it over her legs, pussy and ass. Dipping down from time to time she caresses her breasts and nipples. She was also naked and the sight of her pussy only inches from her face turned her on to no end. The juices were dripping down her belly from her wet pussy as she looked on. It was more then she could take. Then he told the mystery woman to service this hanging slut. The woman bent over just a bit and her face was between her love box. She started to lick the hanging slut and drink in her juices. This was too much; she was about to cum all over this unknown woman's face when he stopped her. As mysteriously as she appeared she was gone and the crack of the tail returned. This time it was different. It was harder on her sides and wrapped completely around her sweaty flesh, stinging all around her body and leaving red lines completely around he torso. She loved the feeling and she was so high from being eaten out she felt herself ready to cum once more. Crack on her ass and it came around to clip her pussy. Crack on her back as it wove its way around to dig into both her nipples at once. Over and over she was being ravished and her body loved it. Her mind was lost in the feeling of the whip griping her body from every angle. "More" she said, "I want more." As if in a trance she begged for more, it was a wonder she could still speak. She had been hanging there for about an hour and still couldn't get enough of the whip. Trickles of blood started to ooze from the welts now and she didn't even notice. The whip was hot from it's use and over use on her body. She didn't know it but she had reached her limits. He knew more about her then she did. So with a few quick vertical strokes and screams of agony, he relented. She was a limp sack of lust now. Her face as red as her welts, it was time for him to let her cum. He called over the angel he had used earlier to spur her almost to orgasm. He untied his victim's hands and slowly lowered her to the floor, into the arms of the mystery woman. The two became as one. Sweat and blood seared them together. The smell of their combined sex filled the air. They rolled together like animals until both released their lust completely for each other. From now on she would never look anywhere again for her fulfillment. She had found her new home. He knew there would be no other.

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