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Dom Oil Change
By Author Unknown
1. Notice mileage on car has exceeded 3,000 miles between oil changes
2. Order subbie to take car to get oil changed and give her the money to do it
3. Have a coffee while you wait at home and lay out favorite toys on the bed
4. When subbie returns with the car, meet her at the door with belt in hand and order her to strip
5. Give subbie stern lecture about timely oil changes while spanking her bottom all the way to the bedroom
6. Place her on the plastic you have laid out on the bedroom floor and give her a warm enema while she orally cleans your dipstick.
7. Allow her to drain her fluids once she has drained yours.
8. Hold subbie in your arms and take satisfaction in a job done right

Oil change....................... $29.95
Coffee at home................... $.05
Large piece of plastic.......... $5.00
Lesson learned by subbie........Priceless

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