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The Bag
The Bag

I walked into that garage sale,
That crisp November day.
Mainly to calm down from a spat with my submissive,
In which both of us had said more than we should say.

I saw the bag tossed forgotten in a corner,
It's leathers were old and frayed.
I almost overlooked it,
Till I saw upon it the D/s Emblem so proudly displayed.

The bag was locked with a padlock,
The contents of it I could but guess.
I asked the woman how much she wanted for it,
My true interest I dared not confess.

"That bag belonged to my brother," she said.
As she softly wiped away a tear.
"We lost him in an auto accident.
It's been just over a year."

"His instructions were not to sell the bag to just anyone.
But only to the one who could give the proper answer unto me."
Confused, I asked her what the question was.
She said, "S...S...," and I answered, "C."

She smiled, nodded and I wrote a check.
And so the bag became mine.
I had no idea what the contents might be.
But the Emblem alone, I thought to be a good sign.

At home a moment with my power tools,
And the lock lay broken upon the floor.
I poured the contents out at my feet,
And felt my spirits and soul began to soar.

Canes, floggers, whips and chains.
Toys of every shape and size,
Dozens of tools of the Master's craft.
Lay in heaps before my eyes.

I gave the bag a final shake,
Before I went to work with leather soap.
When a final item fell from the bag,
A carefully sealed envelope.

I opened the envelope and read the words.
Written in a strong but shaking hand.
I knelt there, with the toys spread at my feet,
As tears in a river from my eyes ran.

"My fellow Dominant," said the note.
"If these words you now do see.
Then I know the worst has happened,
And I have not survived my surgery."

"My sub and I were coming home,
From a party one early spring day.
I don't remember what we quarreled over,
But I do recall all the words I am ashamed that I did say."

"It was only a moment, I let my attention wonder,
I was such a fool that I did not even see.
I heard steel break and my baby scream but once.
I never did see the tree."

"I awoke at the local hospital,
The nurse looking down at me with sad eyes.
Where is my baby, my love, my pet? I whispered to her.
And it was then that I began to realize."

"She shed a tear and held my hand.
Then my heart turned to ice as I felt the words she said.
Sir, forgive me for having to tell you this,
But the living go before the dead."

"Well, in a moment they will come for me,
But first this note, to a brother Dom I must give.
To place there in my toy bag for me,
I hope to retrieve it, should I live."

"And if I should not survive the night,
If I am to join my pet, where I know she waits for me.
Then this bag please take to my sister.
There to sell to the one, who knows the Letters 3."

"But this last word I send you brother,
Though it is spoken from beyond the grave.
Love your pet, and cherish her,
Be she bottom, submissive or slave."

"For the submissive love is like no other,
A thing that cannot be bartered, brought or sold.
And the light in her eyes as she kneels at your feet,
Is worth more than the purest gold."

"So remember, yesterday is but a faded memory,
And tomorrow, a dream that is not yet known.
The future is never promised to us,
And this moment is all you truely have, to show her she is loved and owned."

"Well, the nurse is back and I must close.
Let the chips fall where they may.
If your reading this, these toys are now yours.
But always remember my brother Dom, what this day to you I did say."

I just held the note, then bowed my head.
Without shame the tears did fall,
At the wisdom of a true Master's words.
Then I heard my own submissive call.

"My Master," she whispered as she drew me close,
And with love held me to her breast.
"What is it that troubles you my Lord?" she asked.
"I know earlier I was an awful pest."

Without a word I drew her close,
And tightly held my love next to me.
I closed my eyes and thought of a Master now gone,
Whose face I would never see.

All rights reserved 2002

© Copyright 2002, All rights reserved.